Important Lessons from R.Kelly Situation

Robert Sylvester Kelly
  • Important Lessons from R.Kelly Situation

R.Kelly is currently trending across the social media but not for another hit like the popular ignition, I believe I can fly, or even the world’s greatest. The world’s greatest R&B artist that has written songs for the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many more is been accused of abuse, pedophilia behaviour and predatory. What a blessing turned a curse!

R.Kelly, 52, at a point worth more than $200 million but now worth mere $1 million and about to be kicked out of his Chicago studio because of $80,000 debt. However, as bad as it seems, there are lessons to be learned from R.Kelly’s situation. Choices!

R.Kelly’s current situation is a product of choices, decisions he made years ago, the people he surrounded himself with, and his lifestyle. R.Kelly signed out his publishing right without even knowing it, it took him almost 10 years to realised he wasn’t earning from publications despite having a team and family.

This, brings us to our first lesson, surround yourself with the right people, people that have your best interest at heart and learn from them every day. You don’t need to be educated to be civilized.

Again, while R.Kelly suffers from dyslexia that makes it difficult for him to read, write or spell, a well-documented research showed his downfall was his lifestyle, not the disability. Hence, your limitation is not an excuse!

R.Kelly has sold more than 75 million albums and singles worldwide, sadly he doesn’t earn a penny from it because he signed that right to Aaliyah’s uncle, the uncle of the underage he married. The only family defending him now, if na you nko!

From all indications, R.Kelly will spend the rest of his life fighting lawsuits if not eventually jailed. Some of his managers, friends, family members, etc that were now speaking up didn’t stop or caution him then because he was taking care of their bills. Now with the world against him and zero income, they flipped side and now profiting from his secrets. If money is what keep people around you, reassess your circle!

Finally, R.Kelly is a 3-time Grammy award winner, record producer, songwriter, and former professional basketball player, meaning, with that much talent and success he may not really be listening. Mayweather can’t read but in 2006 turned down his highest purse ($8 million) as at the time and brought in an accountant to help look at his contract with Top Rank.

The accountant was able to spot a hole in the contract and told Mayweather he could buy himself out of the contract. They exploited that loophole, paid $750,000 to buy him out of the contract, while Mayweather went on to earn $25 million in his next fight and since then he has earned more than $300 million in a single fight. Making him the most successful boxer of all time and just last week he earned $9 million just for a 3 minutes exhibition.

Embrace criticism, knowing it does not start and end with you. Mayweather knows his limits and embraces it, that allowed him to focus on his strength, boxing.

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