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Investors king, an online business media company is recruiting for the post of Finance/Business writer and Editor.

As a Financial Writer, you will create informative and engaging content to make complex concepts easy to understand in the finance and business space. Our ideal candidate must have worked with a business media platform.

Desired Skills & Experience

Have an in-depth understanding of the financial industry to deliver confident writing at multiple levels.

Create original content and enhance existing content while incorporating SEO best practices.

Brainstorm, research, and contribute ideas for content that is of interest to the target audience.

Experience conducting research and writing professionally about financial services topics.

Well-versed in a wide range of financial products and accustomed to describing financial markets, products, and economic activity in clear, direct language.

Ability to adjust tone and message to audiences and be mindful of things like flow, readability, and sentence variety.

An understanding of search engine optimization best practices and WordPress.

Resourceful, results-driven, highly collaborative with other writers and editors to complete projects.

Ability to interact with a diverse group of senior stakeholders.

Understanding grammar rules and how to construct clear sentences.

Deep knowledge of major trends and understanding of the industry landscape.

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with daily deadlines and quick turnaround times.

Write stories about the economy, corporations and other topics.

Gather background information through interviews and independent research.

Experience writing succinct market research, preferably for a business audience.

In order to write understandable articles, writers need to understand not only journalism, but accounting, finance, and the stock markets.


Responsibilities and Duties.

Analyze and capitalize various attributes and requirements of print and digital media to strengthen the editor’s position.

Manage and produce news to present information with accuracy, flow, and within the time frame.

Make sure that house style is adhered to (house style means the particular style conventions of a given publication, eg the publication’s tone and punctuation/grammar conventions).

Design innovative and unique solutions to optimize routine news coverage.

Manage and edit content to cater to readers’ requirements and provide detailed information for the same.

Work within a creative environment to respond to various competing priorities.

Prepare work schedule and deadlines and encourage team members to meet targets to facilitate timely publication.

Provide training to news reporters on how to select news for existing readership and gain new readers.

Evaluate all news for authenticity and check with sources to ensure the correctness of published articles to avoid conflicts.

Collaborate with reporters, editors and photojournalists and anchors to facilitate efficient news coverage to strengthen the company’s position in the media market.

Monitor all feeds from news bureaus and other agencies for editing and further publication.

Excellent standard of grammar and spelling.

An understanding of the law relating to publishing and journalism.

Meticulous attention to detail, excellent oral and written communication skills.

Interpersonal skills and IT skills.

Search Engine Optimization best practices and WordPress

If qualified send your CV to Include links of previous publications on a business media platform