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#EndSARS Protest: Damning Judicial Panel Report Confirms Casualties at Lekki Tollgate, Deems Incident a Massacre



Lekki Tollgate

Following the incident that occurred at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020, the Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution of SARS Related Abuses and Other Matters has released its report on Monday November 15, which confirms the cries of many young Nigerians across the country (and outside the country).

The report states that the “maiming and killing” of unarmed and helpless protesters who were sitting on the floor while waving Nigerian flags and singing the National Anthem can be referred to as a massacre, in the context of the incident. It explains a massacre as the killing of multiple individuals, considered to be morally unacceptable especially when done by political entities towards helpless victims.

The panel used that definition to evaluate whether or not the incident was a massacre, and arrived at the conclusion that the incident was a massacre. The report confirms that the protesters present at the Lekki Tollgate on the fateful day were harmless, defenseless members of the civil populace. It also stated that both the Lagos State Government and Federal Government were aware of the status, objectives and protest nature of the group.

The report went on to state that the presence of the protesters was not in any manner harmful to Nigeria’s territorial integrity, and therefore did not warrant the presence of the Nigerian army at the Tollgate. According to findings, soldiers of 65 Batallion of the Nigerian Army, led by Lt. Col. Bello left their base with both blank and live ammunition to confront protesters holding only national flags.

It goes ahead to confirm that the soldiers fired the ammunition directly into the midst of protesters with the intention to harm protesters, and not harmlessly in the air as many had previously claimed. As the shooting occurred, the soldiers also turned back ambulances invited to render first aid to wounded protesters.

It was also reported that the Nigerian Military had attempted to cover up the events of October 20, 2020. They allegedly removed as many corpses of the dead protesters as they could and took them away with their vans. Olalekan Sanusi, who was shot and wrongly taken as one of the dead bodies, managed to escape and recount his ordeal, stating that there were 11 corpses inside the van where he was put. The soldiers also reportedly picked bullet casings and shells on the night of October 20, with policemen doing the same the following morning.

The report released a list of 48 names, who are confirmed casualties of the incident at the Tollgate. Of these 48 defenseless Nigerians, 11 were confirmed to have died at the tollgate with 4 missing and presumed dead. The remaining names were said to be victims of gunshot injuries, and assault from military officials.

The report confirms the cries of many young Nigerians who witnessed the events of that fateful night, whether at the Lekki tollgate itself or online through DJ Switch’s Instagram Live. It also casts a negative spotlight on the government officials who vehemently denied the existence of any casualties on that night.

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Aviation Minister Keyamo Takes Action Against Airport Begging and Extortion



Festus Keyamo

In response to mounting complaints from the public regarding the pervasive issue of begging and extortion at Nigeria’s international airports, Aviation Minister Festus Keyamo has pledged swift action to address the problem.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Keyamo acknowledged the widespread concern and clarified that while the agencies involved in these practices are stationed at airports, they do not fall under the direct control of the Ministry of Aviation.

Nevertheless, he assured the public that collaborative efforts with other ministries, government arms, and agencies responsible for airport security are underway to find a lasting solution.

“We are all working under the coordination of the National Security Adviser,” Keyamo stated, underscoring a recent meeting convened to address the issue comprehensively.

He expressed optimism that practical steps will soon be unveiled to curb what he described as an “ugly tide” affecting airport operations.

The minister extended gratitude to Nigerians for their vigilance and assured them of ongoing efforts to rectify the situation.

He said it is important to restore the integrity of Nigeria’s international airports, crucial gateways that leave lasting impressions on visitors and travelers alike.

Keyamo’s proactive stance comes amid growing public outcry over reported instances of harassment and exploitation by unauthorized individuals within airport premises.

The initiative reflects a broader commitment to enhancing security and efficiency across Nigeria’s aviation sector, aligning with efforts to promote transparency and accountability in public service.

As the government gears up to implement new measures, including enhanced oversight and enforcement protocols, stakeholders are hopeful that these initiatives will bring about tangible improvements in airport operations, ensuring a safer and more welcoming experience for all travelers.

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Saudi Arabia Reports Over 1,300 Hajj Fatalities Amid Extreme Heat



Saudi Arabia has reported that more than 1,300 pilgrims died during the annual Hajj pilgrimage, with temperatures reaching the highest levels seen in two decades.

The Saudi Press Agency stated that the majority of these fatalities were unregistered pilgrims who lacked authorization to participate and undertook long journeys without adequate shelter. Many of the deceased were elderly and chronically ill.

This year’s Hajj, which concluded on June 18, saw temperatures soar to approximately 52°C (126°F), the highest recorded during the pilgrimage in 20 years, according to data from the Saudi National Center for Meteorology.

Over 1.8 million worshippers participated in the five-day event, which has historically faced challenges due to large crowds and extreme weather conditions.

The fatalities underscore the growing risks posed by rising global temperatures. Similar heat-related deaths have been reported in India, while wildfires have prompted evacuations in Greece.

Parts of the United States are also grappling with a heatwave, raising concerns that increasing temperatures may render parts of the Middle East uninhabitable in the future.

Saudi authorities had earlier warned about the “significant rise in temperatures, which poses a threat to the health of pilgrims.”

The health ministry urged pilgrims to use umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. On one particularly hot day, over 2,700 cases of heat stroke were reported.

Most of the deceased pilgrims hailed from countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan, according to reports from Agence-France Presse, citing diplomats.

Historically, deaths at Hajj are not uncommon, occurring due to various reasons including stampedes and heat strokes. In 2015, a stampede led to hundreds of deaths.

A severe heat stroke incident in 1985, when the pilgrimage took place in August and temperatures reached 54°C, resulted in 1,012 deaths, according to the Annals of Saudi Medicine.

This year, the Saudi health ministry provided treatment to nearly half a million people, including 141,000 unauthorized pilgrims.

Medical services offered included open-heart surgeries, cardiac care, and air ambulance operations. Also, almost 6,500 beds and rooms were made available for those needing care.

Despite the tragic loss of life, the Saudi health minister praised the “successful execution of health management efforts” during this year’s Hajj season, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency on Sunday.

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Sport Business

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dominance Forces Ban from YouTube and TikTok



Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristia

Cristiano Ronaldo, the iconic Portuguese footballer known for breaking records on the field, is now facing an unusual restriction off the field as he cannot open official accounts on YouTube and TikTok.

Sources familiar with the situation reveal that the unprecedented ban stems from concerns over the extraordinary number of subscribers and views Ronaldo could attract, potentially overwhelming the platforms and disrupting their ecosystems.

Ronaldo’s immense popularity is well-documented. His presence on social media has always drawn millions of followers, and his videos consistently garner high engagement.

According to experts, allowing Ronaldo to create a YouTube channel could lead to unsustainable costs for both YouTube and other content creators on the platform.

For context, it took Mr. Beast, currently the YouTuber with the most subscribers, about 13 years to amass 200 million subscribers. Projections indicate that Ronaldo could reach this milestone in less than three years, thanks to his global fanbase and widespread appeal.

This rapid growth could strain YouTube’s infrastructure and financial resources to manage such an influx.

In 2023, Ronaldo briefly opened an official TikTok account. Within a single day, his account skyrocketed to 4 million followers and received 10 million likes, earning verification almost instantly.

The overwhelming response caused significant disruptions on TikTok, prompting the platform to ban his account and suggesting that TikTok could not handle the financial and operational challenges posed by Ronaldo’s massive viewership.

He already has more than 630 million followers on Instagram and 111.7M Followers on

The decision to prohibit Ronaldo from these platforms highlights the unique challenges posed by mega-celebrities in the digital age.

While their presence can bring enormous traffic and engagement, it also poses significant logistical and financial challenges for social media companies.

Ronaldo’s situation revealed the delicate balance platforms must maintain between leveraging star power for growth and ensuring sustainable operations for all users.

As social media continues to evolve, this case may prompt platforms to rethink how they manage the accounts of exceptionally influential figures.

In the meantime, Ronaldo remains active on other social media channels, where he continues to connect with his fans and share glimpses of his life and career. Despite the bans, his influence and popularity show no signs of waning, reaffirming his status as one of the most celebrated athletes in the world.

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