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A Comprehensive Breakdown of Tekedia; Opportunities and Limitations



  • A Comprehensive Breakdown of Tekedia; Opportunities and Limitations

Tekedia, a website founded by Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, has attracted numbers of interests in recent months, according to Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe.

Ranked 128,064 in the world and 2,331 in Nigeria, Tekedia is not your regular high traffic website. But why are investors interested in the website?

Business Strategy

The ability of the content creating Website to build a subscription of over 14,000 paying members in a region where people are not expected to pay to read is impressive for an internet-based business and attest to the quality of its contents.

The success of the subscription-based business model validated Tekedia’s market acceptance and growth potential. Giving potential investors an existing active market.

Therefore, interested investors are likely to build new products around existing subscribers’ interests while simultaneously building its database instead of starting afresh.


Tekedia is not the brand, the brand is Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, therefore an acquisition without the Prof is likely to result in a failure.

This is validated by the available data on Alexa, an company. Tekedia organic or search traffic is the lowest among competitors, 18.2 percent, 26.8 percent, 27.6 percent, 49.4 percent and 66.7 percent. Yet Tekedia is more ranked than 60 percent of its competitors.

The question is where is the traffic coming from?

Traffic Breakdown

Out of the 18.2 percent organic traffic to Tekedia, 15.2 percent are from while the remaining are likely from Bing and the rest.

Organic traffic is the traffic generated without referrer but search engines and can be used to estimate new user acquisition.

However, direct traffic accounts for 78 percent of the total traffic coming to the website.

A further breakdown showed Linkedin accounts for 12.8 percent of the direct traffic, suggesting that Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, through his Linkedin constant post, remains the key traffic source of the website.

Again, the reasonable traffic from WhatsApp is likely from the same impressed Linkedin followers, over 30,000, sharing some of the contents with their WhatsApp contacts. Same goes for Facebook while the Youtube traffic might be as a result of Fasmicro (the parent company of Tekedia) Youtube channel where the prof constantly shares his opinion.

Therefore, an acquisition without the Prof will automatically take out 78 percent of the current traffic as Prof won’t sell his over 30,000 Linkedin followers to the new buyer.

Also, while the 14,000 subscribers is huge, there is probability of that number gradually declining once Prof departs as he is not just the face of Tekedia, he is Tekedia.

CEO/Founder Investors King Ltd, a foreign exchange research analyst, contributing author on New York-based Talk Markets and, with over a decade experience in the global financial markets.


106 Nations Back Okonjo-Iweala for WTO Top Job



Okonjo iweala

Over 100 Nations Back Okonjo-Iweala for WTO Top Job

The entire 27 European member states have declared support for Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Nigeria’s former minister of finance, in her bid to become the first female director-general of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The European member nations presently backing the former minister are France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

This bring the number of countries officially backing Okonjo-Iweala’s candidacy to 106 out of the 164 states that made up WTO. The number includes the 55-member African Union.

The WTO’s consultation process ends today and the new leader is expected to be named in November but an EU official said the EU will publicly announce its support for the 66-year-old economist today, according to AFP.

The final winner between the two women will replace Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo and former director-general of the 25-year-old trade organisation.

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British Embassy Reopens For Visa Applications



United Kingdom Embassy in Nigeria Has Reopened For Visa Applications

The United Kingdom embassy in Nigeria has reopened for operation after shutting down about five days ago because of the #EndSARS protest.

Last week, the UK High Commission said “Due to the ongoing protest in Nigeria and for the safety of both staff and applicants, our Nigeria centres will be closed for 48 hours at a minimum. For applicants with booked appointments within this period, please you will need to reschedule your appointment for next week, from 26th October 2020.

“We will continue to post regular updates on this page, so please keep checking back for the latest information on reopening. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.”

However, on Tuesday the embassy through its official tweeter handle @UKinNigeria said “Our TLS contact Visa Application Centres are now open in Nigeria.”

See the details below.

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FG Declares Thursday Oct 29 Public Holiday to Celebrate Eidul-Mawlid



President Buhari

The Federal Government has declared Thursday October 29, 2020 as Public Holiday to mark this year’s Eidul-Mawlid Celebration in commemoration of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

A statement signed on Tuesday by Mohammed Manga Director (Press & Public Relations) Ministry of Interior said the Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, congratulated the Muslim faithful both at home and abroad for witnessing this year’s occasion.

Aregbesola enjoined them to imbibe the spirit of love, patience and perseverance which are the virtues of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), adding that doing so would guarantee peace and security in the country.

The Minister admonished Muslims to follow the teaching of the Holy Quran in Chapter 4 Verse 59 which says: “O you who believe! Obey God and obey the Messenger, and those from among you who are vested with authority; and if you are to dispute among yourselves about anything, refer it to God and the Messenger, if indeed you believe in God and the Last Day. This is the best (for you), and fairest in the end”

Aregbesola also urged Nigerians, particularly Muslims, at this moment, to abhor violence, lawlessness, wantonness and daylight robbery as witnessed across the country most recently, stressing that Nigeria is the pride of the black race and should provide responsible leadership for the greatness and development of the African continent and all black people.

While calling for a stop to all divisive tendencies across the country, the Minister urged all Nigerians and the youth in particular, to embrace peace and cooperate with the President Muhammadu Buhari led-Administration in its effort to build a virile nation, which all citizens can be proud of.

The minister, who described the youth as the hope and future of the nation advised them further to deepen democracy and not dampen it. For him, it is with more democracy that we can overcome our challenges, noting that the challenges of nationhood that we face are surmountable if we work through the democratic process.

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