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How Much is iPhone 14: Price of iPhone 14 in Konga, Slot, Others in Nigerian Naira

Here is the current price of iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on Slot, Konga, Pointek and Computer village in Ikeja



Apple iPhone 14

Following the rush that trailed the latest edition of Apple’s product iPhone 14 and other issues, Investors King has compiled the current price of iPhone 14 across key known e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, Nigerians looking to lay their hands on the new Apple gadget can check Investors King to compare prices in the Nigerian Naira.

The new iPhone 14 was released in two different versions, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, market research by investors king has revealed it is possible to ascertain the price range of the latest Apple iPhone 14 from various popular gadget stores in Nigeria.

Below are the prices of the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max from Konga, Pointek, SlotNg, and the Ikeja Computer Village.

On Konga, one of Nigeria’s leading e-commerce companies, iPhone 14 Pro with 6GB Ram, 512 ROM and dual nano Sim is presently retailing at N1.45 million. While iPhone 14 Pro Max with 512GB ROM, 6GB RAM and dual nano sim is N1.75 million. See the details below.

Price of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on Konga 

iPhone 14 GB ROM (Dual Sim) Price
iPhone 14 Pro 6GB RAM 512GB ROM N1,450,000
iPhone Pro Max 6GB RAM 512GB ROM N1,750,00

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 6GB RAM – 512GB ROM – Dual Nano Sim

Price of iPhone 14 Pro on Konga N1,450,000

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB ROM – 6GB RAM – Dual Nano Sim

iPhone Pro Max on Konga N1,750,000

Price of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in SlotNG 

iPhone 14 ROM GB (RAM) Price
iPhone 14 Pro 256GB 6 RAM N1,136,400
iPhone 14  128GB 6 RAM N1,090,000
iPhone 14 pro-Max 256GB 6 RAM N1,389,800

iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Dual Sim

Price of iPhone 14 Pro in Slot is N1,136,400

iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Dual Sim

Price of iPhone Pro 128GB in Slot is N1,090,000

iPhone 14 pro-Max 256GB Dual Sim

Price of iPhone Pro Max in Slot is N1,389,800

Price of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in Ikeja Computer Village

S/N iPhone 14 Price
1 iPhone 14 128GB  N890,000
2 iPhone 14 Pro 128GB N1,230,000
3 iPhone 14 Pro 256GB N1,400,000
4 iPhone 14 Pro 512GB N1,500,000
5 iPhone 14 Pro max 128GB N1,400,000
6 iPhone 14 Pro max 256GB N1,550,000
7 iPhone 14 Pro max 512GB N1,680,000
8 iPhone 14 Pro max 1TB N1,890,000

Price of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on Pointek

S/N iPhone 14 Price
1 Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128GB N1,000,000.00
2 Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256GB N1,030,000.00
3 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB N1,295,000.00
4 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB N1,340,000.00
5 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB N1,650,000.00

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WhatsApp Introduces Self Messaging Feature Named “Message Yourself “

WhatsApp to roll out new feature, both Android and iOS users in the coming weeks




Instant Messaging platform “WhatsApp” has introduced a new feature that allows users to message themselves.

The platform noted that the new feature will be rolled out for both Android and iOS users in the coming weeks.

Investors King learnt that WhatsApp’s “Message Yourself” feature could be useful for messages such as to-do-list, reminders, or draft messages to be sent late. 

Prior to this development, WhatsApp users have to use a workaround to message themselves on the platform. 

The method includes using the URL followed by the ten-digit number to send messages, photos and videos to themselves. 

But with the new feature, users can simply start a chat with their number from the contact list. Users will see their contact card as ‘Message Yourself’ at the top of the list.

In October, the feature was reported to be in the beta version ahead of the mass rollout. 

According to WhatsApp,  users will be able to send photos, audio, and videos along with messages to themselves using the feature

For users to enjoy the new feature, they will have to update their WhatsApp application on their smartphones. They can do so either by going to Google Play Store or the Apple App store. 

Users will then tap on the new chat button at the bottom right where they will see a list of all contacts including “message yourself”. They can start to use the feature once they tap on it.

Although a similar feature has been available on WhatsApp rivals Signal, Telegram and Slack, it will however offer millions of people the opportunity to use the “Not Down Feature” on a go. 

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new feature which allows users to run quick polls in groups and personal chat. 

However, the feature which was recently announced on the WhatsApp platform a few days back is not yet available for all users. Nonetheless, Investors King understands that it will make interaction on the platform more interesting. 

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Xiaomi Launches Black Friday Sale With Discounts and Extra Gifts on Smartphones

Xiaomi gives discount of N5,000 on every purchase of its smartphone



Xiaomi - Investorsking

Mobile phone maker, Xiaomi has lined up good discounts and extra gifts to thrill its customers during black Friday sales.

The company which is also into consumer electronics noted that it’s back Friday sale will run between November 18th to November 30th, 2022. 

Apart from a flat discount of N5,000 on every purchase of its smartphone, customers can also win amazing gift prizes which include refrigerators, Xiaomi luggage, Redmi Bud 3 earbuds. 

A star winner who will go home with an N3 million cash prize will also emerge through a raffle draw on January 10th, 2023. 

Investors King understands that Black Friday is an opportunity to buy the product you desire either smartphones, groceries, or any type of electronic at a very good price. It is celebrated virtually around the world. 

Black Friday which followed “thanksgiven day” in the United States is largely regarded as a day or season to say thank you for being with us this far. 

While amazing discounts are being offered on several products, a number of top brands especially electronic and smartphone-making companies do use black Friday to say thank you to their customers. 

Some of the platforms where you can get an amazing offer in Nigeria during this black Friday season include Jumia and Konga.

You can check the filing articles for amazing offers that both Jumia and Konga offer during this year’s black Friday. 

For Jumia click here and for Konga here you.

On Xiaomi’s black Friday for instance, when a customer buys Redmi Note 11 or Redmi Note 11S, he will get a discount of N5,000 and Xiaomi in-ear headphones. Similarly, Redmi Note 11 Pro or Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G comes with a 10000mAh power bank.

Interestingly, Xiaomi noted in a statement that the offer is open to all new and old customers while customers can enjoy the amazing offer by visiting any of Xiaomi’s retail stores nationwide or at Essence House, Computer Village Ikeja. 

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Konga Kickstarts Black Friday “Yakata” With 90% Discounts on Rice, Cooking Oil, and Mobile Phones




E-Commerce giant, Konga has begun its discounted sale with up to 90 percent off on some house need products which include rice and cooking oil. The sale which is already witnessing a high volume of patronage is tagged “Friday Yakata”

Other products available for grabs at a very good price on the Konga platform include mobile phones of different brands, Laptops, TV sets, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, and Washing machines. 

At exactly 12 midnight every day till 12th of December, Konga will stage one of its much anticipated events, “Teasure Hunt”. Investors King learnt.

Treasure Hunt gives lucky buyers the opportunity to purchase products with up to 90 percent off them. 

Other lined-up events for Friday “Yakata” include Flash Sale and Cyber Monday. 

Additionally, Konga also partners with MedDirect to provide a 10 percent discount on all medicine which will be delivered free to anywhere in Nigeria.

Another way to benefit from the “Yakata” season is to use Konga Pay which comes with a 5 percent discount on any shopping basket above N100,000.

A statement released by the e-commerce platform noted that back Friday “Yakata” is regarded as the biggest sale of the year in the annual shopping calendar in Nigeria. 

According to the company’s head of marketing, Anthony Nwabuisi, Konga has seen improved patronage on its platform since the beginning of this year despite the prevailing economic challenges both in the domestic and international markets. 

‘‘It has been an impressive start to this year’s edition of Konga Yakata for us. Despite the undeniably harsh economic conditions, general buying sentiments are way above expectations,” he said. 

Also speaking on the importance of the Konga Friday Yakata, Nwabuisi stated that Konga has a 50 percent discount on virtually all meals ordered on the platform. 

He added that shoppers can also get the advantage of free delivery or buy-one-get-one-free in select restaurants. 

Conclusively, Konga’s platform can easily be used by downloading the application or navigating through the website at 

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