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Are Activist Investors Piling into Social Media Frenzies Playing with Fire?



First Day Of Trading Of The Lunar New Year at The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx)

Social media-led activist investors are playing a potentially costly game, warns the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory and fintech organisations.

The warning from Nigel Green, the chief executive and founder of deVere Group, comes as the video games retailer published its first earnings report since it grabbed international attention during a Reddit-fuelled buying frenzy in January.

Both the gaming firm’s sales and profit figures were lower than many analysts had anticipated and its shares, which had dropped 6.5% during the day, briefly climbed 8% in after-hours trading before falling more than 15%.

Mr Green says: “This year has seen a surge in day-trading frenzies, triggered by so-called ‘activist investors’ on social media platforms and online forums urging others to invest their cash into populist bandwagons.

“They have tapped typically inexperienced, younger people who might not necessarily have the financial resources to be resilient against usually highly speculative and volatile investments.

“By being unaware of the high level of risk involved in these social media-led activist investment campaigns, people are playing a potentially very costly game.”

He continues: “Extreme caution should be exercised before joining stock frenzies of this nature. The valuations can be expected to be wild – in both directions – and there’s a legitimate risk that novice investors could face a financial hit.

“To create, grow and safeguard wealth consistently to reach your long-term goals – which for most people is financial security and freedom – there’s no substitute for independent, professional, personal advice.”

At the height of the GameStop frenzy, Mr Green said: “Micro-bubble spotting, and diversification across asset class, sector, region and even currency, should become a priority for investors right now.

“As ever, investors should work alongside a good fund manager to seek out those stocks most likely to generate and top-up their wealth over the long-term.”

The deVere CEO concludes: “I would avoid piling into stocks pumped by social media influencers.

“If you do want the thrill or novelty or chasing big gains, you really should ensure that you have a sound, diversified, long-term plan beforehand.

“There’s a major difference between investing and gambling.”


CEO/Founder Investors King Ltd, a foreign exchange research analyst, contributing author on New York-based Talk Markets and, with over a decade experience in the global financial markets.

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Nigerian Stock Exchange

Stock Investors Gained N25 Billion on Wednesday



Stock bull - Investors King

Investors that invested in the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) gained N25 billion on Wednesday as more stocks closed in the green.

Investors traded 141,407,914 shares valued at N2.973 billion in 3,079 transactions during the trading hours of Wednesday, contrast to 228,479,010 shares valued at N1.879 billion that exchanged hands in 3,376 deals on Tuesday.

Market value grew by N25 billion from N20.278 trillion it closed on Tuesday to N20.303 trillion on Wednesday,  while the NGX All-Share Index appreciated by 0.12 percent to 38,968.34 index points, up from 38,920.5 index points.

UPDC Plc led gainers for second consecutive day with N0.16 or 9.64 percent to close at N1.82 per share. While N Nig. Flour Mills Plc followed with N0.70 or 9.59 percent to settle at N8 a unit. See the details below.

Top Gainers 

Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change
UPDC N 1.66 N 1.82 0.16 9.64 %
NNFM N 7.30 N 8.00 0.70 9.59 %
OANDO N 4.35 N 4.62 0.27 6.21 %
LEARNAFRCA N 1.36 N 1.44 0.08 5.88 %
HONYFLOUR N 3.92 N 4.07 0.15 3.83 %

Top Losers 

Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change
TRANSCOHOT N 5.00 N 4.50 -0.50 -10.00 %
CHIPLC N 0.53 N 0.48 -0.05 -9.43 %
PRESTIGE N 0.48 N 0.44 -0.04 -8.33 %
CHAMPION N 2.08 N 1.91 -0.17 -8.17 %
LASACO N 1.30 N 1.20 -0.10 -7.69 %

Top Trades

Symbols Volume Value
UNIVINSURE 17987052.00 3597410.40
ZENITHBANK 9711718.00 229355692.90
UCAP 9341841.00 76221425.25
TRANSCORP 9082603.00 8286258.24
ACCESS 9023766.00 83787940.10

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Investors Oversubscribed for Access Bank US$500 Million Senior Unsecured Eurobond



Eurobonds - Investorsking

Access Bank Plc strong financial position has continued to attract global investors to the bank’s financial instruments despite the ongoing global challenges and limitations.

Investors oversubscribed for the bank’s $500 million Senior Unsecured Eurobond issued under Access Bank’s $1.5 billion Global Medium-Term Note Programme. The lender offering received over three times oversubscribed orderbook of over $1.6 billion, the largest orderbook for a Nigerian bank Eurobond.

According to a statement signed by Sunday Ekwochi, the bank’s secretary and seen by Investors King the fund will help enhance the capacity of the Bank to support its general banking process and provide medium term funding for the lender.

The Senior Eurobond is a 5-year unsecured note (144A/RegS) is listed on London Stock Exchange and it will mature in September 2026 with a yield and coupon rate of 6.12 percent. The interest is payable semi-annually in arrears.

Speaking on the success of the Eurobond, Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director, said: “At Access Bank we remain committed to our vision to become the World’s Most Respected African Bank and Africa’s Gateway to the World. The success of our USS500 milion Senior Unsecured Eurobond is yet another stride towards the realisation of that vision and underscores our investors confidence in the Access Bank story. We are pleased with the diversity of the order book and the success of this issuance further strengthens our resolve to deliver on our strategic objectives”.

Absa, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan and Standard Chartered acted as Joint Bookrunners on the transaction; and Chapel Hll Denham and Rand Merchant Bank acted as Financial Advisors and Joint Bookrunners.

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Nigerian Stock Exchange

Nigerian Exchange Limited Closes Slightly in Green on Tuesday Following Weeks of Bearish Trend



Nigerian Exchange Limited - Investors King

The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) rebounded slightly from bearish trends on Tuesday as investors gained N2 billion after weeks of trading in the red.

Market value of all stocks rose to N20.278 trillion on Tuesday, up by N2 billion from N20.276 trillion recorded on Monday. While the NGX All-Share Index gained 0.01 to close at 38,920.5 index points from 38,915.62 index points it settled on Monday.

Investors transacted 228,479,010 shares valued at N1.879 billion in 3,376 deals during the trading hours of Tuesday, against 201,103,282 shares worth N2.526 billion that exchanged hands in 3,340 transactions on Monday.

UPDC Plc led gainers with N0.15 or 9.93 percent to close the day at N1.66 a share while Academy Press Plc followed with N0.03 or 8.33 gain to settle at N0.39 a unit.

Investors renewed interest in Wema Bank as a total of 46,760,667.00 shares valued at N35,973,004.78 were traded during on Tuesday. Access Bank came second with 28239839.00 shares worth N263,494,888.05

Top Gainers

Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change
UPDC N 1.51 N 1.66 0.15 9.93 %
ACADEMY N 0.36 N 0.39 0.03 8.33 %
COURTVILLE N 0.27 N 0.29 0.02 7.41 %
VITAFOAM N 16.75 N 17.40 0.65 3.88 %
LIVESTOCK N 2.08 N 2.14 0.06 2.88 %

Top Losers 

Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change
SOVRENINS N 0.27 N 0.25 -0.02 -7.41 %
UPL N 1.09 N 1.02 -0.07 -6.42 %
REGALINS N 0.48 N 0.45 -0.03 -6.25 %
UACN N 10.30 N 9.80 -0.50 -4.85 %
CHAMS N 0.22 N 0.21 -0.01 -4.55 %

Top Trades

Symbols Volume Value
WEMABANK 46760667.00 35973004.78
ACCESS 28239839.00 263494888.05
UBA 17767249.00 135078503.15
MBENEFIT 17243869.00 4879080.30
FIDELITYBK 14799631.00 36065747.39

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