Forex Weekly Outlook June 6 -10

Forex Weekly Outlook June 6 -10 The US economy failed again in May to create enough new jobs to support consumer spending after falling short…

Jared Martinez, CEO of Market Traders Institute, combs his hair as he prepares to teach an all-day forex-trading seminar at MTI's school in Lake Mary, Florida. Photographer: Reed Young

Forex Weekly Outlook May 30 – June 3

The U.S. dollar continues its run after data showed first quarter GDP growth was higher than previously estimated, and revised upward from 0.5 percent to…

A crumpled Chinese one-hundred yuan banknote is arranged for a photograph in Hong Kong, China, on Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012. Photographer: Jerome Favre

Forex Weekly Outlook May 23 – 27

The various economic data released last week from the U.S. shows an improved economy, especially the consumer price index that rose 0.4 percent in April…