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Twitter to End Remote Work, Staff to Work 40 Hours a Week

Elon Musk has suspended remote work for the social media staff while he also noted that employees will now work 40 hours a week, an email sent to staff stated. 



Elon Musk and Twitter

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk has suspended remote work for the social media staff while he also noted that employees will now work 40 hours a week, an email sent to staff stated. 

Investors King understands that the new work policy is coming after the company sacked 3,700 workers last week, about half of Twitter’s workforce. The cut in the workforce will subsequently require more working hours from the unaffected staff. 

In addition, Musk also stated in the email message that the “road ahead is arduous and will require intense work to succeed”. He added that “difficult times” lie ahead. 

In contrast to this, the microblogging platform informed its staff in May 2020, that the company would allow staff to work from home “forever”, if they wish because it recorded huge success during the pandemic lockdown. 

However, Musk who is also the CEO of Tesla and Word richest man noted that there could be exceptions in special conditions after such a case has been personally vetted by himself. 

“Remote work is no longer allowed, unless you have a specific exception. Managers will send the exception lists to me for review and approval,” Musk wrote in the email. 

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has revealed that Twitter is having a massive drop in revenue due to the suspension of paid advertisements on the platform by some notable brands.

It will be recalled that high-spending brands such as Volkswagen, Ford, and General Motors have suspended paid advertisements on Twitter. 

The brands had raised concerns with the new policy which the social media policy will adopt. 

Elon Musk had hinted that a number of banned accounts which includes Donald Trump’s will be reinstated while the platform will be open to “free speech”. 

Therefore, a handful of brands that are concerned that the platform will eventually open its floor for hate speech and divisive content are worried about what might be the effects of it. 

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Heritage Bank Faces Union Action as NUBIFIE Protests Mass Layoffs



heritage bank- Investors King

Amid mounting tension and grievances over alleged mass layoffs, the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBIFIE) has led its members to the head office of Heritage Bank in Lagos.

NUBIFIE’s actions stem from Heritage Bank’s recent management decision to terminate the employment of over 1000 personnel without adhering to due process, prompting widespread outrage among affected workers and the union alike.

The union has made it clear that its picketing of the bank’s premises will persist until management addresses the sacked workers’ grievances and ensures the provision of rightful severance packages.

At the forefront of the protest, aggrieved ex-staff members have barricaded the entrance gate, obstructing access to and from the bank’s headquarters located at 143 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Reports reveal that Heritage Bank, under the leadership of Mr. Akinola George-Taylor, dismissed over 70 senior staff members within a year of his tenure. Moreover, numerous other employees were allegedly coerced into resigning, exacerbating the bank’s internal crisis.

Of significant concern is the failure to remit accrued entitlements and allowances owed to the affected staff.

Sources familiar with the matter have disclosed that the bank’s chief executive officer instigated the internal turmoil as part of a broader scheme to purge the institution of individuals suspected of loyalty to certain board members.

This purported purge is believed to be aimed at consolidating power and control over the bank, with the backing of a prominent shareholder seeking sole ownership and the removal of existing board members.

Despite efforts to seek clarification and comment from Heritage Bank’s head of Corporate Communications, Ozenna Utulu, no response has been forthcoming as of the time of reporting.

The standoff between Heritage Bank and NUBIFIE underscores the growing unrest within the banking sector and the urgent need for dialogue to address grievances and ensure fair labor practices.

As protests intensify and pressure mounts on the bank’s management, the outcome of these developments remains uncertain, leaving both employees and stakeholders on edge.

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Google Fires 28 Workers Over Controversial Project Nimbus Protests



Google has terminated 28 employees who participated in protests against the tech giant’s involvement in Project Nimbus, a joint venture with Amazon to provide AI and cloud services to the Israeli government.

The protests, organized by the No Tech for Apartheid group, took place across Google offices in New York City, Seattle, and Sunnyvale, California.

The demonstrations, which included a nearly 10-hour sit-in, culminated in the arrest of nine protesters on trespassing charges.

Subsequently, several workers received notices of being placed on leave, only to be informed of their dismissal by the company the following day.

Google cited the protesters’ interference with other employees’ work and refusal to vacate the premises despite multiple requests as the primary reasons for their termination.

The company’s response has reignited discussions about the balance between corporate policies, employee activism, and human rights advocacy.

Critics argue that the dismissals infringe on employees’ rights to engage in collective action related to working conditions, a stance supported by US labor laws.

Tech workers have increasingly voiced concerns about how the products they develop are used, highlighting ethical considerations in their industry.

The situation underscores the challenges faced by tech companies in managing internal dissent and navigating complex geopolitical issues.

Google’s handling of the protests has sparked internal debates about the company’s stance on the Middle East conflict and its approach to employee engagement.

Despite the firings, support for the protesters and their cause has grown, indicating ongoing tensions within the organization.

Google’s actions signal a broader reckoning within the tech industry regarding the responsibilities of corporations in addressing social and political issues.

As employees continue to advocate for change within their companies, the fallout from the Project Nimbus protests serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle to balance corporate interests with ethical imperatives and employee rights.

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IWD: Unity Bank Partners SkillPaddy to Train 1,000 Female Software Engineers



Nigerian lender, Unity Bank Plc is partnering with SkillPaddy in its  “Count Her In” tech Programme focused on empowering no fewer than 1000 female beneficiaries in Software Engineering Training.

The IT skill development and empowerment initiative is intended to bridge talent supply gaps while providing individuals with the opportunity to meet their training goals and launch careers in the tech industry.

About 40 young girls will receive full sponsorship from Unity Bank in the special training initiative which was conceived as part of activities to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day 2024.

With women making up just 33% of the tech-related workforce globally, this initiative seeks to boost women’s participation in the tech industry by delivering a sustainable, impact-driven programme that addresses gender disparity and deepens inclusion within the tech industry.

All beneficiaries of the programme will be trained on different aspects of software development and provided with mentorship and resources that they need to succeed, including learning life skills like critical thinking, communication, innovation & problem-solving.

Speaking on the partnership, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Unity Bank Plc, Mrs. Tomi Somefun said the initiative aligns with the theme of the IWD 2024, #InspireInclusion, adding that empowering young women reflects the Bank’s commitment to driving inclusion, equality and diversity across industries.

She stated, “As a bank committed to fostering economic empowerment and gender equality, we are proud to partner with SkillPaddy on this initiative to contribute to the training and empowerment of 1,000 female software engineers. Through this programme, we are not only investing in the future of these talented women but also driving innovation and diversity within the tech industry. By providing access to skills training and mentorship, we aim to unlock opportunities and create a more inclusive and thriving digital economy for all.”

You may recall that in line with the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility, it also recently partnered with a software training provider, AltSchool Africa to sponsor female students to acquire specialist software development skills.

The International Women’s Day, IWD is a day set aside globally to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and reflect on action to accelerate gender equality. This year’s theme #InspireInclusion emphasises the importance of creating environments where all individuals, regardless of gender, feel valued, respected, and included.

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