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Reactions Trails Report of Bandit Attack on Kaduna Bound Train



Abuja Kaduna train
“Some people on that train had cars but couldn’t drive because the roads are danger zones. Some could afford flights but had to take the train because Kaduna airport has been temporarily closed due to an earlier attack. This is an insecurity that fears no class,” reads a tweet over the recently reported attack on a Kaduna-bound train.

Nigerians are aggressively reacting to the recent report about an attack on a train bound for Kaduna which was allegedly attacked by bandits.

According to reports, the Kaduna-Abuja train was conveying hundreds of passengers to Kaduna on Monday, 28th March, when it was attacked by bandits. Investors King gathered that the train left Abuja for Kaduna at about 6 p.m. and was attacked between Katari and Rijana. The Kaduna State Government went ahead to confirm the attack while also revealing that attempts to repel the attack were carried out successfully.

Investors King also gathered that while the attack was ongoing, many passengers on board took to various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to report the attack while also soliciting support in form of prayers.

Capturing one passenger – Anas Iro-Danmusa’s – Facebook post, the passenger asked his Facebook friends to pray for passengers on board. Anas had stated that the bandits had planted explosives on the rail tracks which damaged the train and brought it to halt.

He went further to disclose that the bandits who have been branded as ‘Unknown Gunmen’ in the past, proceeded to fire shots randomly after trying and failing to make their way inside the train.

Another passenger, identified on Twitter as Dr. Chinelo, tweeted that she had just been shot while also asking for Nigerians on her Twitter to pray for her – various reports also indicated that the Twitter user letter lost her life after the sad tweet.

Although there is no official number of casualties from this attack, a number of sources have declared varying numbers of casualties and kidnapping by the bandits.

However, this is not the first time bandits will be attacking passengers via the Kaduna-Abuja train. In October 2020,  bandits carried out a similar attack where explosives were plated on the train rails which led to a number of complications for passengers.

Kaduna is one of the states most affected by banditry in North-west Nigeria. However, the state government released a statement confirming Monday’s attack while disclosing that the military has secured the Kaduna-bound train from Abuja trapped by terrorists.

Nigerians React

The aftermath of this report has opened a number of conversations on social media – with conversations bordering around insecurity, bad governance, tribal differences and a host of other hot topics in the country. Nigerians have taken to Twitter to share their opinions.

Here are a few

Following the attack, the rescued passengers were taken to 44 Military Hospital in Kaduna where they are receiving care. A number of Nigerians have also revealed that efforts have been made in blood donation for the victims.

Investors King also gathered that Vice President Osibajo arrived at the 44 Military Hospital to see some of the injured passengers. The VP was received by Kaduna Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai.

Senate Reacts

Reacting to the unfortunate incident, The National Assembly has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to Launch a full-on war on bandits terrorising communities across the country. This request is notably coming after Senator Uba Sani – representing Kaduna central, drew the attention of the senate to the attack on the Kaduna-bound trian.

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ARISE News Channel Goes Global: Launches in Nine Southern African Countries



Arise News

ARISE News Channel, a prominent Nigerian cable news network, has reached another significant milestone in its journey to become a global media powerhouse.

The channel has officially gone live in nine Southern African countries, including South Africa, Angola, and Botswana.

This expansion was made possible through a partnership with Multichoice/DSTV, with ARISE News Channel now available on Channel 416.

Alongside South Africa, Angola, and Botswana, the channel is now accessible to viewers in Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

In a statement released by the Chief of Staff to Chairman/Editor-in-Chief of ARISE News Channel, Fauziya Ali Mohammed, it was revealed that the channel’s presence now spans 54 African countries.

Mohammed explained that ARISE News Channel is committed to delivering high-quality news coverage across the continent, showcasing various facets of African life, including business, politics, technology, commerce, science, sports, show business, and fashion.

ARISE News Channel, which celebrated its 11th anniversary earlier this year, has earned acclaim for its Emmy-winning programming.

It has become a leading broadcaster in Africa, offering audiences a diverse range of content while projecting the best of Africa’s culture and people to the world.

Chairman/Editor-in-Chief of ARISE News Channel, Nduka Obaigbena, expressed his excitement about the channel’s expansion into Southern Africa, emphasizing its commitment to promoting African narratives globally.

Obaigbena highlighted ARISE News Channel’s dedication to showcasing the continent’s potential and celebrating its achievements on the global stage.

The channel operates around the clock from studios located in Lagos, Abuja, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, and New York.

Its coverage extends beyond traditional broadcasting platforms, reaching viewers across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the United States through various channels and streaming services.

With its latest expansion into Southern Africa, ARISE News Channel continues to solidify its position as a leading voice in African media, shaping narratives and fostering dialogue on issues of regional and global significance.

As the channel continues to grow its global footprint, it remains dedicated to providing audiences with insightful and impactful journalism that reflects the dynamism and diversity of the African continent.

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Air Peace Flight Delayed, Passengers Stranded After Failed Promise of Hotel Stay



Passengers aboard an Air Peace flight from Abuja to Owerri found themselves in a state of disarray and frustration after a series of delays and unmet promises left them stranded without accommodations.

What was supposed to be a routine flight scheduled to depart Abuja at 4:30 PM and arrive in Owerri at 5:30 PM turned into a nightmare as the flight was delayed until 6:18 PM due to a reported lack of a pilot.

However, midway through the journey, passengers were informed that the flight couldn’t proceed to Owerri because the airport there would close by 6:40 PM.

The flight was forced to return to Abuja, where passengers endured further uncertainty as they waited for over 20 minutes to receive any communication from the airline. Eventually, they were informed of plans to provide a bus to transport them to a hotel for accommodation.

However, this promise was not fulfilled, leaving passengers stranded and scattered around the airport.

One passenger, who had already experienced delays with another airline earlier in the day, expressed frustration at the lack of accountability and protection for travelers.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by passengers in Nigeria’s domestic aviation sector and raises questions about the adequacy of regulations to safeguard passengers’ rights.

Attempts to reach Air Peace for comment on the situation were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

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Emirates Halts Check-Ins Amid Severe Weather Disruption



Emirates Airline

Emirates, the largest international airline, has taken the unprecedented step of halting all passenger check-ins for the day.

The move comes as the emirate grapples with severe weather disturbances, including heavy rainfall and storms, leading to widespread travel chaos in one of the world’s busiest aviation hubs.

The airline announced that check-ins for all passengers would be suspended from 8 am local time until midnight, as the adverse weather conditions continue to wreak havoc on travel plans.

Despite the disruption, Emirates assured that transit passengers would still be allowed to proceed to their connecting flights.

Dubai, known for its modern infrastructure and bustling aviation industry, has been brought to a standstill by the relentless rainfall and storms.

The inclement weather has resulted in delayed or diverted flights, leaving travelers stranded and adding to the existing challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic.

Emirates has pledged to exert all efforts to restore its scheduled operations and provide support to affected customers amidst the chaos.

However, the extent of the disruption caused by the adverse weather conditions underscores the resilience and adaptability required to navigate unforeseen challenges in the aviation sector.

As the situation unfolds, authorities and airline personnel are working tirelessly to mitigate the impact of the severe weather on travel operations and ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

Despite the temporary setback, Emirates remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of service excellence and operational efficiency, even in the face of unprecedented challenges posed by Mother Nature.

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