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World Bank Mulls COVID-19 Vaccine Production in Africa



world bank - Investors King

The World Bank will in the next few weeks make some major announcements concerning its efforts to commence the production of COVID-19 vaccines in some African countries.

The bank said it had already begun consultations with some African manufacturing hubs to that end, noting that the move is to ensure that the jabs are available and accessible to poor nations.

Speaking yesterday at the Global Health Summit co-hosted by the European Union and Italy, the President of the bank, Mr. David Malpass, stated that there is an urgent need to find faster and more effective ways to get vaccines to people in developing countries and to plan for future health emergencies.

He added that in the first year of the pandemic, the World Bank Group committed $108 billion to help countries respond to the health, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic and authorized $12 billion to help them access and deploy vaccines, with the goal of vaccinating a billion people in developing countries.

According to him, by mid-year, the bank expects to have vaccine support operations in 50 countries with at least $4 billion committed and urged countries, manufacturers, vaccine intermediaries and on-the-ground providers to increase the transparency of their own commitments.

He also urged countries with excess vaccine supplies to release their surplus doses as soon as possible to developing countries that have vaccination operations already in place as well as increase the transparency of delivery commitments.

He said: “Regarding vaccine supplies, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is making debt and equity investments in health projects and is helping developing countries manufacture vaccines and related supplies.

“As we speak today, Makhtar Diop (Managing Director, IFC) has been meeting with potential manufacturing hubs in Africa and building partnerships with development finance agencies. We’ll be announcing positive developments on this front in the coming weeks.”

Malpass projected that the negative impact of COVID-19 on human capital will be deep and may last decades, noting that over a billion children have been out of school.

“At Tuesday’s Summit on Financing of African Economies, I announced our commitment to provide $150 billion in financing for sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years, a dramatic step up on previous years.

“This draws heavily on contributions from International Development Association (IDA) donors, the World Bank Group’s strong leveraging and mobilisation capabilities, and the reflows from previous loans,” he added.

He stated that it will take large new resources to build resilience to shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that many low and middle-income countries need stronger health systems, both for their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns to succeed and to be able to manage and recover from future outbreaks.

He said to build preparedness, the global community would need major investments in infrastructure and digital connectivity, which are crucial, while maintaining its focus on the particular risks to women, girls, the poorest and most vulnerable.

The Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, had said last week that Intellectual Property (IP) waiver alone wasn’t enough to narrow the huge COVID-19 vaccine supply gap between rich and poor countries.

Okonjo-Iweala, while speaking to the European Parliament, had said it was clear that discussions around vaccine patents alone would not suffice, noting that global leaders need to do more to ensure that there is equitable production and distribution of the jabs.

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LuckyBet Unveils Mobile Agent



LuckyBet- Investors King

In a bid to empower Nigerians, LuckyBet has launched the LuckyBet Mobile Agent.

Announcing the new initiative recently, its Marketing Manager, Anthony Onyemauwa, disclosed that the business initiative was designed to reduce the barrier to entry of becoming a sports-betting agent, and give access to more Nigerians who have less than one hundred-thousand-naira start-up capital to play in the fast-growing sports-betting industry.

“Our desire has always been to help all our stakeholders create wealth, either as punters or agents by creating a platform that enables them to create their own luck, and their wealth, hence our pay-off line, to ‘Get Lucky, Get Rich.’

“The LuckyBet Mobile Agent initiative is not only an expression of this commitment, but also a call for all able-bodied men and women who have access to a laptop, a table and chair, and space, to take charge of their individual destiny by seizing this opportunity offered by our LuckyBet Mobile Agent initiative, disruptive initiative,” Onyemauwa said.

“LuckyBet Mobile Agents are guaranteed to earn up to N200,000 monthly, in addition to weekly sales bonuses, and is open to youths, young graduates, employed people looking for a business to invest in, male and female, who can read and write, know how to operate their laptop, and have a strong desire to be financially independent and create their own wealth, and destiny.”

Onyemauwa explained that the Mobile Agents would be provided with the most comprehensive branding for those with kiosks, and huge umbrellas for shade for those without kiosks, thermal printers to print out betting coupons, branded collaterals such as t-shirts, jotters, pens, wrist bands, banners, massive marketing support across all media, and top-notch training and business support to ensure that they achieve their business goals and dreams.

Licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and Lagos State Lotteries Board and widely acclaimed by punters as one of the most reliable online betting platforms in Nigeria, Luckybet is committed to empowering all her stakeholders to create their luck, and their wealth, hence to their pay-off, Get Lucky, Get Rich.

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Facebook Partners With Reuters to Launch Free Online Course for Journalists



Digital Journalist - Investors King

The Facebook Journalism Project has partnered with Reuters to launch a free online training programme for Journalists, called the Reuters Digital Journalism Course.

The Project works with publishers around the world to strengthen the connection between journalists and the communities they serve. Its training, programs, and partnerships work by: investing in organizations that fund quality journalism; training newsrooms globally; and partnering with publishers and nonprofits to combat misinformation, promote news literacy, and improve journalism.

Reuters developed the free online course curriculum after its Digital News Report found more people were using social media to access news. It focuses on digital news gathering, verification and reporting, and publishing on social media. It also covers wellness and resilience training while reporting.

According to Facebook, the course is aimed at both seasoned journalists and industry newcomers. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.

“At Facebook, we’re grateful to journalists across Africa who are working hard to keep their communities informed about the issues that matter,” Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, Strategic Media Partnerships Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa said. “The Facebook Journalism Project will assist our region’s journalists in developing strong fundamental knowledge as they navigate the rapidly changing digital news landscape.” Muhutu-Remy added.

This Digital Journalism Course aims to support journalists across English speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to build a strong foundation in digital reporting and editing.

“With news media firmly in the digital age, being able to use digital platforms safely and effectively is essential,” Reuters Executive Editor Gina Chua said in a statement.

“The Reuters Digital Journalism Course offers best practices from Reuters journalists around the world to provide the foundation for sound journalism, whether you’re a budding journalist or a seasoned one looking for a refresher.”

To sign up for the course, you must create an account on the Reuters Digital Journalism course website. The course is also available to journalists from other parts of the world.

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Konga Travel Unveils Mega Summer Deals



Konga Travel Mega Summer Deals- Investors King

Konga Travel and Tours, Nigeria’s frontline travel booking agency, is offering flyers the best travel packages to choice summer destinations around the world, in addition to putting its considerable expertise at their disposal in aiding them to process their visa and passport requirements.

The development serves as good news for millions of Nigerians in search of attractive travel deals for their summer vacations.

Top on the bill is a special offer on Virgin Atlantic for prospective travelers to the United Kingdom. Added to the attractive pricing offered by Konga Travel for this destination, each flyer who purchases a ticket automatically wins a free voucher to shop on Konga.

Further bound to excite flyers is a number of comprehensive and affordable summer packages to exotic locations such as Dubai, Zanzibar, Kigali, Mombasa and Nairobi.

For these locations, Konga Travel is offering a one-month visa, up to a week’s accommodation, daily breakfast, airport drop-off/pick-up and a tour of some of the most memorable sites in each location for travelers at unbelievable prices, starting from N564,731. Interestingly, the package also covers flights to each location (except Nairobi).

Also, Konga Travel is offering mouth-watering prices to Dubai, UAE and Seoul, South Korea as well as s number of destinations in the United States, including Houston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Eric Nana, VP, Konga Travel, says the summer deals being extended by the company are unmatched in the market, adding that the initiative is borne out of the desire to continually offer customers premium service and satisfaction.

‘‘Konga Travel is renowned for going over and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Right from inception, this is what we have been known for. Indeed, it is a factor that has made us stand out in the market. This is what we are putting on the table once again with these juicy summer vacation packages for our customers.

‘‘These deals have been carefully put together to deliver great value without burning a hole in our customers’ pockets. Also, you can rest assured that on Konga Travel, you can find the best prices for any local or international destination you may have in mind. I urge all intending travelers to check out the prices and offers on the website before making a decision,’’ he concluded.

Having emerged on the scene a little over two years ago, Konga Travel – which was recently named the Most Innovative Agency by the global airline, Virgin Atlantic, as well as Travel Agency of the Year at the 2020 Beacon of ICT (BoICT) Awards – has distinguished itself.

Within a short space of its existence, the company has grown nearly 25 percent on a month-on-month basis, acquired all the requisite and major travel certifications and rolled out multiple physical store locations nationwide.

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