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eTranzact International Plc Surpasses N50 Trillion Transaction Milestone in 2022, Experiences Record Profit Surge




eTranzact International Plc, under the astute leadership of Mr. Olaniyi Toluwalope, accomplished a remarkable feat by processing over N50tn worth of transactions during the 2022 financial period.

This announcement was made during the company’s 19th annual general meeting held in Lagos, where Mr. Toluwalope presented a comprehensive report on the financial statements of the company.

As one of Nigeria’s leading payment service providers, eTranzact International Plc witnessed a substantial surge in its transactional value compared to the preceding year, with an impressive increase from N39tn in 2021. The company’s remarkable achievement reflects its unwavering dedication to technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

During the meeting, Mr. Toluwalope proudly declared, “The company is well positioned and has enhanced the capacity to further process more transactions going forward.”

This statement signifies the company’s strong commitment to expanding its operations and catering to the ever-growing demands of the payment industry.

To complement its success in processing transactions, eTranzact International Plc ensured an astonishing 99% success rate and uptime across all its service offerings throughout 2022.

This achievement can be attributed to the strategic deployment of cutting-edge technology and the expertise of its dedicated workforce, which ensured seamless and prompt processing of transactions with minimal to zero downtime.

Moreover, eTranzact’s steadfast focus on fostering partnerships with various public sector entities, including the Federal Government, state governments, and ministries, played a pivotal role in its triumph during the 2022 financial year.

The collaborative efforts between the company and these governmental bodies contributed significantly to its overall growth and success.

The Chairman of eTranzact International Plc, Mr. Wole Abegunde, added to the celebration by announcing an extraordinary surge in the company’s profits.

He stated, “2022 was a significant year in the history of the company’s financial performance as the company was able to achieve an unprecedented profit after tax of N1.17bn, which represents a 157.81 per cent increase over the prior year.”

This record-breaking profit surge is a testament to the efficacy of the company’s core switching services and the dedication of its management and board to deliver exceptional results to shareholders.

Is the CEO/Founder of Investors King Limited. A proven foreign exchange research analyst and a published author on Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq,, Investorplace, and many more. He has over two decades of experience in global financial markets.

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London Fintech Owner Faces Extradition to Belgium Over Alleged Money Laundering for Drug Traffickers



fintech - Investors King

A London-based fintech owner accused of aiding drug traffickers in laundering hundreds of millions of euros through a cryptocurrency exchange platform must be extradited to Belgium to face criminal charges, a London judge ruled.

Caio Marchesani, the owner of Trans-Fast Remittance, a payments business regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, is alleged to have facilitated the hoarding of significant amounts of cash for Sergio Roberto De Carvalho, a Brazilian previously described by Interpol as one of the world’s most wanted kingpins before his arrest in 2022.

Marchesani is also accused by prosecutors of managing cryptocurrency accounts for Flor Bressers, a Belgian national known as the “finger cutter.”

Marchesani, who was apprehended at Heathrow Airport in May, has seven days to appeal against the extradition order, according to the London judge’s decision on Tuesday.

Following the ruling, both Marchesani’s lawyer and the prosecution declined to comment.

In a statement filed in court last month, Marchesani maintained his innocence, stating, “I have not been involved in money laundering the proceeds of drug sales for the alleged organized criminal group.”

His legal representatives at Mishcon de Reya had previously argued that the prosecution’s case contained “false, vague, ambiguous, or inaccurate particulars.” They emphasized that none of the allegations against Marchesani were related to his business interests in the UK.

The efforts to extradite Marchesani are part of a broader investigation that began three years ago after the Dutch government seized more than 12 tonnes of cocaine, valued at over €260 million ($278 million), at Europe’s busiest port, Rotterdam. Authorities traced the seized drugs back to Bressers and De Carvalho, eventually focusing on Marchesani after a breakthrough in decoding encrypted communications.

Prosecutors acting on behalf of Belgian authorities alleged, “He is a shadow banker who receives money, either in cash, cryptocurrency, or both, and moves it around at the will of the criminal organization to disguise its origins,” during an earlier hearing.

A trial involving 30 defendants in the case, including Bressers, commenced in Belgium earlier this month but was immediately postponed, as reported by local press outlets.

A pre-recorded message from Trans-Fast Remittance stated that their payment service is currently offline but aims to resume services soon. Companies House filings from August indicate that another owner has been added to the registry.

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Flutterwave, Africa’s Leading Payments Technology Company, Celebrates the Success of its Graduate Trainee Program



Flutterwave acquires Disha

Flutterwave, the foremost payments technology company in Africa, proudly announced yesterday that it has successfully onboarded nearly 85 percent of its 200 Graduate Trainees following a year of intensive training.

In a recent statement, the company emphasized its unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent while maintaining its reputation as an exceptional workplace that fosters career growth opportunities in the technology sector.

Launched in August 2022, the Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program was a 12-month-long paid initiative tailored for recent graduates with limited or no prior work experience but boundless aspirations.

The program’s primary objective was to establish a network of emerging talent, equipping them with both technical and soft skills, along with practical experience, through engagement with a global organization boasting over 750 employees worldwide.

The program’s adaptability, including accommodating the unique needs of recent graduates, such as aligning with their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) obligations, underscores Flutterwave’s commitment to its customers, young talent, and the community.

Speaking on the successful culmination of the program and the abundant growth opportunities available to employees at Flutterwave, Mansi Babyloni, Flutterwave’s Global Chief People Officer, said, “We are excited to have fulfilled our mission of providing 200 exceptionally bright young graduates with the opportunity to learn on the job and kick-start their careers in the tech industry early in life. As 170 of them transition from Graduate Trainees to full-time employees after completing 12 months of on-the-job training and shadowing, a world of opportunities awaits them. I am thrilled that they can now navigate their career paths within our newly launched career progress framework, which epitomizes boundless potential. Today, they hold roles as Analysts and Engineer 1s; tomorrow, they could be VPs and CXOs. At Flutterwave, anything is possible. I extend my best wishes to all 200 Graduate Trainees, even those who have pursued other opportunities; the world is your oyster!”

Bode Abifarin, Chief Operating Officer at Flutterwave, said, “We’re thankful for the successful completion of the Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program. We thank the People Team and all the Graduate Trainee Managers that helped coach, mentor and train our GTs to propel their growth into Analysts and Engineer 1s. This is in line with our mission to create endless possibilities for all; truly, their careers have taken off and there’s no limit to what they can achieve going forward.”

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MoneyMaster Payment Service Bank Offers 8.0% Annual Interest Rate to G-Kala Savers



MoneyMaster Payment Service Bank (MMPSB), established by Globacom, is set to elevate the experience of its G-Kala savings account holders by introducing an enticing 8.0 percent annual interest rate on their savings accounts with the bank.

This innovative initiative is aimed at cultivating a culture of saving among both new and existing customers of the bank, thereby promoting financial inclusion across the nation.

In a statement released by the bank in Lagos, it was disclosed that “both new and existing G-Kala savings account holders will benefit from an 8.0 percent interest rate per annum on all deposits made into their G-Kala savings account.”

However, customers are advised that “no more than three withdrawals are allowed per month to qualify for the interest, which will be calculated and credited monthly,” the statement emphasized.

This bold move is intended to encourage the adoption of cashless banking, making it accessible to potential customers who can effortlessly open an account via the bank’s website for a seamless and convenient experience.

“This presents an exciting opportunity for everyone to open a G-Kala account with MoneyMaster PSB, deposit funds into the wallet, and enjoy an 8.0 percent interest rate per annum,” the statement continued.

The bank underscored that G-Kala is a tailor-made product designed to cater to customers who may not have easy access to traditional banks or who belong to the unbanked population.

“G-Kala brings the benefits of banking directly to their mobile phones through USSD, eliminating the need for an internet connection. It empowers them to deposit, withdraw money, transfer funds to other banks, purchase airtime, and pay bills such as electricity, water, DSTV, and more.

“This innovative service offers a convenient and secure alternative for banking transactions, available anytime and anywhere, operating in real time. It’s not only safer and faster but also more convenient and cost-effective compared to traditional money transfer services.”

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