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Basic Steps on How to Bet on Ice Hockey Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a widely accepted medium of exchange in the crypto space, and it’s already influencing how online casinos and sportsbooks operate. With the surge of crypto, it’s time for you to start getting in the hype train and bet using BTC.



Like most coins in the market, BTC is a decentralised digital asset that can be used as a medium of exchange online. Since it uses blockchain technology, transactions are faster and more secure because of the absence of a third party.

Bitcoin betting is incredibly beneficial, and starting now will help you have a more seamless and enjoyable experience. Below are the simple steps to become a bonafide Bitcoin ice hockey punter in minutes!

Step 1: Secure a digital wallet

A digital asset is required if you want to use Bitcoin for any transaction. This includes betting on ice hockey games. Just like fiat currency, a wallet is needed to store your coins safely.

Digital wallets come in two forms: Hot and cold. The former is more versatile in that they can be used online for exchanging. However, they are more susceptible to cyber theft as anything exposed online will always run some risks of third party interference.

On the contrary, cold wallets are only used to store large quantities of coins. They usually come with hardware like a USB drive to make the storage capacity much more robust, thus having the name of ‘hardware’ wallet sometimes.

Step 2: Use a secure exchange

After securing your digital wallet, you now need to exchange your fiat with BTC. To do this, you have to visit a reputable exchange or trading site to start buying crypto coins like Bitcoin.

Similar to a stock exchange, a trading platform is like the central hub for those who want to buy and sell crypto. With platforms like Binance and Coinbase, it’s easy to buy your first BTC depending on what the current market value is.

Step 3: Choose the best online sportsbook

With a digital wallet in hand and BTC, it’s now time to go to an online sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin. It is also best to go with a site that is regulated and licensed to avoid losing your money or any fraudulent activity.

When you think about it, there really wouldn’t be a huge difference between each sportsbook in terms of the sports available for betting. Most likely, there will be ice hockey in their lineup of sports to bet on.

What it will come down to is how their crypto betting features work and if their payment methods are quick and responsive when doing transactions online. If a sportsbook tips all these check marks, you have yourself a reliable online sports betting site to go to every time you want to place wagers on ice hockey matches.

There are a lot of great benefits to betting with Bitcoin. If an online sportsbook offers an option to do so, grab the opportunity immediately. Another perk of ice hockey betting on crypto casinos and sportsbooks is that some of these sites feature sports legends.

Here is an exciting interview with one of ice hockey’s greats:

Is the CEO/Founder of Investors King Limited. A proven foreign exchange research analyst and a published author on Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq,, Investorplace, and many more. He has over two decades of experience in global financial markets.

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Introducing CapCut’s Creative Suite: The Ultimate Creative Toolbox



In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the need for creative expression has never been greater. With the explosion of social media and the constant demand for fresh and engaging content, individuals and businesses are on the lookout for versatile tools that can unleash their creativity.

Look no further because CapCut’s Creative Suite is the answer to this growing demand. This all-in-one creative solution offers a wealth of tools and features designed to empower users in their creative endeavors.

The Creative Journey Begins with CapCut’s Online Photo Editor

The adventure into CapCut’s Creative Suite commences with its online photo editor, a versatile and empowering tool for enhancing and transforming images. Whether you are a professional photographer, a social media influencer, or simply someone who loves sharing captivating photos online, CapCut’s photo editor has you covered. 

This online photo editor provides an impressive range of features, enabling you to take your images to the next level. From precise color correction to seamless background removal, CapCut’s photo editor equips you with the tools to make your photos truly shine. Moreover, the integration of AI technology ensures that your images are not just edited but enriched with a touch of sophistication.

But CapCut’s Creative Suite is not limited to photo editing; it addresses a wide spectrum of creative needs. Let’s delve into some of the key features that make CapCut the all-in-one creative solution.

Unleash Your Inner Director with CapCut’s Video Editing

CapCut doesn’t stop at photo editing; it’s also a powerhouse in the realm of video editing. CapCut provides an array of tools to help you create stunning videos.

  • Online Video Editor

CapCut’s online video editor is a lightweight yet powerful all-in-one tool that can elevate your content, whether you’re crafting vlogs, tutorials, or promotional videos. The intuitive interface makes video editing a breeze, even for beginners. With multiple tracks for video, audio, text, and images, you have the creative freedom to bring your video visions to life.

  • Video Effects & Filters

For that extra flair in your videos, CapCut offers a library of video effects and filters. Whether you seek a vintage look or want to create a futuristic ambiance, there’s a filter for every occasion. It’s like having a professional video production studio right at your fingertips.

  • Video Stabilization and Background Remover

Shaky footage can disrupt the viewing experience. CapCut’s video stabilization feature ensures your videos are smooth and professional. Additionally, the background remover tool can effortlessly remove backgrounds from videos and images, simplifying the creation of green-screen effects without the need for an actual green screen.

  • Text to Speech and Sound Effects

Elevate your videos with voiceovers or text-to-speech narration. CapCut’s wide range of sound effects can infuse your videos with energy and set the perfect mood.

  • Effortless Video Compression

In the midst of our exploration, let’s take a moment to highlight CapCut’s video compressor. This feature allows you to reduce the file size of your videos without compromising on quality, making it a handy tool for uploading videos online or sharing them with others without the hassle of large file sizes.

Sound Like a Pro with Audio Enhancement

Audio often takes a back seat in video production, but it’s crucial for captivating your audience. CapCut’s Creative Suite doesn’t neglect audio.

  • Add Trendy Music and Sound Effects

From catchy tunes to impactful sound effects, CapCut offers a rich library of royalty-free audio to enhance your videos. Your viewers will not only see but hear the quality of your content.

  • Noise Reduction

Unwanted background noise can be distracting. CapCut’s noise reduction tool allows you to clean up your audio, ensuring that your message comes across clearly and professionally.

Harness the Power of Words with Text Features

Text is a powerful tool for conveying information, whether you’re adding subtitles to your videos or crafting ad scripts. CapCut’s text features are designed to make your content more engaging and informative.

  • Transcribe the Video and Add Subtitles

Captions and subtitles make your content accessible to a broader audience. CapCut’s tools enable you to transcribe your videos and effortlessly add subtitles, ensuring that everyone can enjoy your content.

Elevate Your Visuals with Image Enhancement

Images are a fundamental part of online content, and CapCut’s Creative Suite ensures that your visuals are as captivating as your videos.

  • Image Upscaler

Enhance the resolution of your images without sacrificing quality. The image upscaler allows you to make your visuals stand out with sharpness and clarity.

  • Color Correction and Photo Colorizer

Achieve the perfect color balance and add vibrancy to your images with CapCut’s color correction and photo colorizer tools. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, your photos will look better than ever.

  • Background Remover and Background Generator

Bid farewell to unwanted backgrounds in your images. CapCut’s background remover effortlessly erases backgrounds, and its background generator replaces them, giving your visuals a fresh and creative look.

Time-Saving Templates

Time is a precious commodity, and CapCut values it. The toolkit offers a wide array of templates for various content types. Whether you’re creating videos, images, or graphics, you can save hours of work with CapCut’s templates, and the best part is they come with no watermark.

A Solution for Diverse Creative Needs

CapCut’s Creative Suite is adaptable to a wide range of creative needs. Whether you’re a social media influencer, a business owner, a content creator, or simply someone who enjoys DIY projects, CapCut has tailored solutions for you.

  • Social Media

CapCut helps you craft engaging content for various social media platforms. It provides you with the tools you need to stand out and connect with your audience effectively.

  • Business

If you’re running a business, CapCut offers solutions for creating commercial videos, TikTok ads, YouTube ads, and more. It’s a cost-effective way to produce professional-quality promotional content.


CapCut’s Creative Suite stands as a beacon of innovation, convenience, and empowerment In a world where creativity and content reign supreme, This comprehensive creative toolbox transcends the limitations of traditional editing tools, offering a wide array of features that cater to the diverse needs of content creators, businesses, and enthusiasts alike.

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The Role of the Jockey in Horse Racing: Training, Skills and Strategies




Usually, at horse races, the focus is on the horses. No surprise. Accordingly, bettors intensively study the parameters and characteristics.

However, unlike greyhound racing, the horse does not run the distance alone.

The role of the jockey in this sport cannot be understated, and if you monitor betting-related resources like, you know that they work together with the horse. Let’s find out how much influence the rider has on the outcome of the competition.


Professionals say that it is not the horse that wins the race but the jockey. This may be an exaggeration, but still, the role of the rider is significant. Let’s figure out what they are responsible for in the horse racing process.

  • The jockey decides at what speed the horse travels each section of the track and what trajectory it follows. The specialist knows when to spur the horse and when to hold it back.
  • The second duty directly follows from the first. The rider develops race tactics to plan the pace and actions of the animal throughout the race.

Overall, the jockey plays a critical role in the success of the equestrian sport. Riders link horse and trainer, ensuring optimal execution of training and competition programs. Without a human, the horse may not reach its potential and perform at its best on the track.

Requirements for Jockeys

Obviously, any sport imposes certain requirements. Horse racing is no exception. And while people often discuss the characteristics and potential of horses, they rarely talk about jockeys. Let’s look at what an ideal rider should be like.

  • Weight is a jockey’s number one enemy. Regardless of gender, the usual weight of a jockey is 50-52 kg. Before the race, the jockey and saddle are weighed. If the weight is below average, the rider must compensate with additional weight. The opposite case is known when a jockey weighs himself without boots to meet the limit. They went to the races in the same form as at the weigh-in.
  • The gold standard for height is considered to be 150 – 167 cm. Previously, these requirements were mandatory, but today they have been removed. However, traditionally, when choosing a jockey, preference is given to short riders.
  • Good physical shape is required. Sedentary work in the fresh air is only in photographs. Behind the scenes, hours of training and hard work go into the saddle. A jockey’s working day begins very early. It is also a dangerous profession. Falls and serious injuries are not uncommon.
  • A professional must have deep knowledge. In addition to perfect riding and seating, the specialist must be familiar with the horse’s anatomy and physiology. They understand and feel the animal, know how to cheer it up, put it in a working mood, and give confidence.

Unfortunately, few places in Kenya train jockeys. By the way, you can read about the state of this discipline in general in this article.

Functions of Jockeys

In general, jockeys play an essential role in equestrian sports, being skilled athletes who ride horses to victory. They help the horse perform at its best and correctly distribute efforts over the entire length of the distance. Their functions include:

  • Control: It is obvious that the jockey controls the horse: regulates its speed, sets the optimal trajectory of movement. That is, the rider uses all his riding skills to lead the horse to the finish line first.
  • Tactics and strategy. An experienced rider can instantly assess the situation on the track and choose the best plan. First, this concerns the speed limit and the distribution of the animal’s energy during the race.
  • Fitness and training: Jockeys are directly involved in the training and preparation of the horse. They spend many hours daily at the racetrack, keeping the animal in good shape and developing its athletic performance. Riders also monitor the condition of their animals and assist in their training and physical development.
  • Analysis and preparation. A jockey’s participation in horse racing begins long before the race. The specialist studies the strengths and weaknesses of his animal and competitors. Based on this data, the rider develops a training plan and the race. Success in race requires a solid plan, and riders must constantly improve this skill.
  • Communication. Jockeys are the closest thing to these beautiful animals. They study their behavior and determine its needs. Often, it is the rider who conveys valuable information to the trainer and horse owner. Accordingly, jockeys must perfectly read the slightest signals the animal gives during communication.


Now you see what a significant role jockeys play in horse racing. These unsung professionals are on the front lines and largely determine the outcome of horse racing. The discipline imposes strict requirements, so becoming a good jockey is difficult. Next time you watch a horse race, pay attention to these participants and consider their experience in making betting predictions.

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The History of Ostrich Racing: From Tradition to Modern-Day Entertainment



Different sorts of animal racing have been an active part of the world of sports for quite some time. Often attacked by animal rights activists and defended by fans of the discipline, such activities are also obviously popular among bettors.

While horse racing takes first place for being famous and having more participants, there are other sports as well.

This article aims to describe the history of ostrich racing briefly yet demonstratively. Being a popular sport in South Africa, the U.S., and some other countries, the roots of such a tradition go back a long way.

And while betting on ostrich races exists, we won’t cover it in detail in our article. If you’re looking for wagering tips, look at other sources. For example, offers enough information to help one succeed in betting.

What Is Ostrich Racing?

Ostriches are flightless birds native to Africa. These animals can reach high speeds when running, sometimes up to 70 km/h. That means that before the creation of cars, they were among the ways to move quite fast. While they aren’t the means of transportation, mainly due to the impracticality and difficulty of riding, their racing is a popular attraction for people in some parts of the world.

When Did It Become a Thing?

In the US, ostrich racing started growing in popularity by the end of the 1800s. For example, in Chandler, Arizona, the birds were brought by the city founder, Dr. Alexander J. Chandler, in the 1880s. He started an ostrich farm there, although riding became the town’s attraction several decades later.

That town isn’t the only one in the States to have ostrich racing features in its festivals, but the modern tradition usually traces South Africa. In its Western Cape region, to be precise. And even that’s not where ostrich riding appeared for the first time. The oldest known evidence leads us to a Sumerian city, Kish, 3000 years ago, and it’s far from the only ancient place where people ride ostriches. But South Africa seems to be where it gained popularity and spread to other countries. 

Modern Ostrich Racing

Ostrich racing has become a popular attraction, and while it’s now not at its highest point, it’s still common in many places where it was a tradition. For example, in Chandler, Arizona, as mentioned in the article, ostrich racing is present. The town even holds an annual ostrich festival. It’s relatively new, having been held for just over 30 years, but it’s based on the town’s rich history of farming these animals.

Various ostrich riding attractions exist in other parts of the US, as well as in other countries, such as Vietnam, South Africa, and even the United Kingdom. For example, Jacksonville, Florida, is another place where one can ride ostriches, and the tradition lives on after a hundred years. Unsurprisingly, the activity gets a lot of criticism from animal rights groups, although some establishments exist that work on improving ostriches’ well-being, as well as the salary of workers.

What’s more interesting is that the sport isn’t as popular in Australia as one would have thought. Despite being a common animal in the country,  multiple attempts to introduce the sport into the country were met with different levels of success. Still, it didn’t become a popular attraction like it did in South Africa or the U.S. for some reason.


Ostrich racing is a discipline that has managed to remain prevalent throughout all of the years. The sport is enjoyable for bettors, starting as a tradition and continuing as an attraction.

In this article, we looked at this activity, its history and origins, and how it works. Ostrich racing still lives on as a continuation of tradition in South Africa and some towns in the United States. Still, its popularity has declined, and animal abuse allegations affect it. The activity is also dangerous for riders, involving a significant level of skill and coordination.

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