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7 Tips For Finding The Right Forbrukslån Lenders In Norway



Loan - Investors King

Getting a consumer loan in Norway is certainly not a difficult process. You simply have to find and pick the right lender, file your application and then wait for it to be approved. Of course, you’ll have to provide certain information that the lender will require in order to decide whether to approve your application or not, but that won’t be difficult either. So, as you can see, the entire process is pretty simple.

There is, nevertheless, one process within this process that could be a bit more difficult. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, let me make it as clear as possible right away. Finding and choosing the best lender for you is the process that could be difficult for you, meaning that you should devote some more attention to it. Your goal is probably to find the cheapest, or the billigste as said in Norway, personal loan for you and in order to get those favorable terms that you are looking for, you will undeniably need to find the perfect lender.

As mentioned, though, the process of finding the lenders can be a bit difficult, especially if you have never done this before. Yet, just because things can get a bit difficult, it does not mean that they are impossible, which basically means that you will manage to find and choose the best lender if you simply put the necessary effort into the searching process. If you don’t really know how to put in the effort and if you have no idea what to do in order to find the best lender, here’s what you should do.

Continue reading, because I will share some tips that will lead you successfully through this entire process. Once you get the tips that you need, the actual process of finding and picking the right lender in Norway will become much easier to you. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at some of those tips, since I’ve listed them below, and thus make this decision easier. Here we go.

  1. Get Recommendations

Whenever you are thinking about purchasing any products or using any services whatsoever, you will probably start talking about it with your friends and family members, just so that you can hear their opinions on the topic. Well, you should do the same thing when trying to get a personal loan, i.e. a forbrukslån, in Norway. This is a service and you are thinking about using it, so why wouldn’t you talk to your friends and family members about it first? I see no reason to skip this step.

Why is it, however, important for you to talk about these services? Well, the answer to that might be rather obvious, but let me explain it anyway. Simply put, by talking to the people around you about this, you could easily get some recommendations regarding the lenders you might want to use. This is especially correct if you end up talking to people who have already taken out personal loans in the past.

  1. Check The Internet

In addition to talking to those people around you, checking the Internet for information is also quite a smart idea. That is because the World Wide Web will undeniably have a lot of amazing suggestions. After all, everyone is online these days, meaning that these lenders will be online as well, and you can find them with just a couple of clicks. For now, though, all you have to do is type in the right words into the browser and add the names of some lenders to your list of potential ones.

  1. Have A Look At The Official Websites

Of course, you won’t stop just there. In short, you won’t just randomly pick out one of the lenders that you add to that list, because that isn’t quite a smart move. Instead, you should do some more research on all of those companies that you’ve added to the list, because that’s the only way for you to actually realize which lender could be the best. The bottom line is that you need to gather information about those companies and then compare it, so as to understand both the differences and the similarities among various lenders.

When you decide that it is time for you to start gathering the necessary information, the first thing you should do is take a look at the official websites of those companies that you have previously added to your list. Those official websites will definitely have a lot of info to offer, so make sure to thoroughly check them out. In addition to checking out the actual loan options that they are offering, you should also read the “about” section and practically find out as much as you can about the companies that you are taking into consideration.

If you are not exactly sure why you should get a personal loan to begin with, here are some reasons that might help you out.

  1. Determine Experience

There are some significant factors that you should pay attention to when gathering the necessary information about the specific lenders. For starters, you should keep their experience in mind and make sure that you are choosing to work with highly experienced companies that have been in this business for a while. I suppose it is already quite clear to everyone why working with inexperienced companies is not quite a good idea. Your goal is to get the perfect forbrukslån and your chances of getting it from an inexperienced firm are rather slim. So, don’t forget to check how experienced certain lenders actually are before making any final choices on which one you want to work with.

  1. Inspect Reputation

Reputation is perhaps even more significant than experience. If you somehow end up cooperating with lenders that aren’t quite reputable, you will risk getting some rather unfavorable terms on your loan, which will lead to you paying high interest rates and essentially paying much more than you first intended to. Since this is something you don’t really want to happen, I would advise you to inspect the reputation of the lenders before actually making any final choices about where to get your personal loan.

If you are now trying to figure out how to really inspect the reputation of those companies, let us make that perfectly clear. The trick is in talking to previous borrowers, either in person or through certain online groups. There is another trick, though. Simply put, you should just find a few online reviews that those borrowers might have written about specific companies and use those reviews to determine their reputation.

  1. Check Out The Interest Rates

Before you start contacting certain lenders, you should check out the interest rates that are offered by all of those that are still left on your list after checking reputation. I have briefly mentioned these interest rates before and there is no doubt that you understand their importance all on your own. So, don’t forget to thoroughly check them out before getting in touch with any lenders, because you certainly don’t want to end up getting your loan at a high interest rate, as that’s not quite favorable for you.

  1. Have A Few Interviews

Once you’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above, you will want to choose one of the lenders as soon as possible. Well, before you make the final choice, you should take one more step. In simple words, you should get in touch with all of those lenders that are still on your list of potential ones and have a few conversations with them. Remember to ask all the questions that you have during those conversations and let them explain everything they can offer. Then, compare the answers and make your choice.

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Crypto Guide: How To Mine PKT Cash



You pay a fee to your Internet service provider on a monthly basis in order to be able to surf the Web and use it for whatever it is that you are using it. Be it work or play, the simple fact is that practically nobody can imagine their lives without the Internet these days. I have a question for you, though.

Do you ever feel ripped off since you are paying for that extra bandwidth that you won’t be able to spend? Of course, your ISP isn’t ripping you off, since this is just the way things work. But you would love to be able to do something with that extra bandwidth, wouldn’t you? If that sounds good, then you should visit PKT Pal, because there just might be a solution for this issue of yours.

Yes, you have heard that right. There is a solution for the fact that you are paying for the extra bandwidth and, as it turns out, instead of paying, you can end up being paid for it. I know that sounds a bit too good to be true, but it very much is true and you will understand that when you do a bit of research on the PKT Cash cryptocurrency.

If you want to learn how this all works right away, let me give you a quick explanation. Basically, if you decide to share your extra bandwidth with the PKT network, you will get coins in return. It is as simple as that. And, this network pays you to share your bandwidth because it benefits from you sharing it, since their network keeps growing. This type of sharing can turn every single PKT cube owner into an ISP and thus decentralize Internet access in, say, your neighborhood.

Once you earn the PKT cash that I have mentioned, you can use it to pay all kinds of bills and utilities. For starters, you can pay your ISP with these coins, which is kind of ironic, since you’ll actually be earning from sharing the Internet and then you’ll get enough money to pay your ISP. In any case, you can also pay other utilities, as well as streaming services with PKT.


How To Mine It?

Since you by now definitely understand how PKT cash works and how useful it can be, you have most likely become interested in mining it. The only thing is, you probably don’t know much about this process, and you don’t want to get things started before doing some learning. I agree that you should learn more about this entire process before embarking on the journey, so let me give you a few explanations.

If you want to even be able to participate in mining this coin, you’ll need to install PacketCrypt, which is basically an algorithm that is designed to enhance and improve the cooperation among miners. Getting a PKT Cube will also be one of the things that you will need to do if you want to go through this process correctly and I’d advise you to learn more about that cube before going forward. It can, in fact, be extremely useful.

Basically, after simply plugging in the PKT Cube and then forgetting all about it, you will start getting paid every minute for the unused bandwidth. I assume you remember my above explanations on why this network pays you to share your bandwidth, meaning that this does not sound weird at all right now. If you are thinking about crypto investments in general, you might want to read this in order to get a better idea on everything before taking any concrete steps towards the investments.

So, as it is perfectly clear to you, mining PKT isn’t difficult, as long as you have the right equipment on your side. Make sure to research the providers of these pieces of equipment before buying anything, so that you can know you are getting the best value for your money. Once you get the hang of this all, I am quite certain that you will enjoy the process of mining PKT and earning a profit that way.

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Six Ways to Come up With Your Ultimate Business Idea



What is better: to copy a ready-made idea or come up with something on your own, completely unique and original? Both options are appropriate. In any case, it is crucial to understand who your target consumer in Nigeria will be, what your competitive strategy is, and how you will promote the product.

Well, remember that if you copy an idea, you still cannot copy absolutely everything. All the same, you will have to bring something original to someone else’s idea. There are cases when an entrepreneur works for some time under a franchise, and then leaves the franchisor and creates one’s own project according to the same patterns. But even in these cases, it is necessary to change and build some things on one’s own.

On the other hand, if you come up with a completely original idea, it will be too hard for you to work out absolutely every element in the price chain yourself. Look at other businesses, think about what projects have a similar audience, a similar market to you, and, if possible, peep the best ideas and practices from them.

Is a Business Idea Really That Essential?

A business idea in the case of a small business is just a specific tool at work, like sales, marketing or manufacturing. It is not the business idea that comes first. Primarily your desire to do your own thing, and not at all where to find an idea for a business. So, if you want to run a business, do not wait for a “perfect” idea, do not hold on to an unrealizable one and polish your ideas to shine.

Coming up with Something Original: Creativity Stimulation Techniques

Well, no matter what stage you are at, whether you choose one idea from several promising ones, or you have no idea what you want to do at all, maybe forex or CFD trading, several techniques will help you make the right decision.

De Bono’s “six hats” method: Pick a business idea from a list

The Six Hats Method is an advanced way to organize a brainstorming session. You alternately try on hats in different colours:

  1. Blue,
  2. White,
  3. Red,
  4. Black,
  5. Yellow, and
  6. Green, including different modes of thinking.

According to the Forextime blog, the six hats method is used in a group, when one of the participants always remains in a blue hat: it is responsible for managing the process. The participant in the blue hat assesses the thought process itself, leads the meeting and discussion, and decides when other participants wear hats of certain colours.

In case you are thinking alone, you wear a blue hat at the beginning and end of the session. With the blue hat on, you set the order of your brainstorming session, the order in which the hats are worn, and the timing. At the end of a brainstorming session in a blue hat, you sum up, see what you have achieved, what you can use next. The order of hats may be as follows:

  • White hat — information and facts. What business models are currently being used in the market? What laws affect the market, are there any objective requirements for entering the market (licenses, authorized capital, etc.)? You are trying to understand what information you have, what is missing, and where you can find additional one.
  • Red hat — emotions and intuition. How do you feel about this business idea? Would you like to tackle it? Do you believe that you can realize your ambitions with this business idea?
  • The black hat is a critical judgement. What are the weak points of this idea? What are your limitations, what are you missing for implementing this idea and being successful in this business? What difficulties will you face? What are the disadvantages of this market? What if things do not go the way you intend?
  • The yellow hat is positive thinking. What are your competitive advantages? Why is this idea right for you? How can you use your strengths in it? What opportunities are open to you? Why is this market good?
  • Green hat — creative thinking and search for unusual thoughts and creative solutions. How can you implement this idea faster? What can you do to achieve payback in half the time? Can you adapt this business model to a different market?

The most important rule is not to mix modes of thinking. As long as you are wearing the green hat, you are not filtering out or evaluating your ideas. Using the six hats method, you can either choose a business idea from a list or work deeply on one specific idea. If you work with a list of ideas, the red hat will help you understand what idea you have more heart for, and the green hat will help to think about how to combine good practices from several business models.

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How to Convert Itunes, Amazon and Steam Cards to Naira



Gift Card - Investors King

As gift cards keep gaining popularity grounds in Nigeria, Amazon, iTunes, and stream cards continue to lead the race as the most popular gift cards. In this article, a detailed but concise study on these gift card types will be given including the platform on which they can all be converted to naira.

iTunes gift cards

 An iTunes gift card is a prepaid money-value card that is used to purchase software Apple products like music, movies, apps, and lots more. It can be purchased easily on Astro Africa.

Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards continue to gain popularity because they are not restricted to only Amazon website but can also be redeemed in stores permitted by Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company, where consumers are can buy/sell a wide variety of products both online and offline. Its gift card can be used to purchase anything on the Amazon website or traded for cash on Astro Africa.

Steam gift cards

Steam is a platform through which video games can be distributed digitally and it was created by Valve. Steam gift cards are usually converted into Steam credit so that players can use those credits to purchase game content. Buy/sell Steam gift cards for cash on Astro Africa at the best rate.

Trade your iTunes, Amazon and steam gift cards on Astro Africa

The best decision you can make with your gift cards now is to convert them to cash on Astro Africa. Astro Africa is not one of those gift cards platforms that offers low exchange rates to its customer.

Better still, Astro Africa makes sure that by the time customers are done trading, they are all smiling home because of the huge amount of profits that they’ve acquired. This is as a result of the fact that Astro Africa sells above 80% of the gift card’s original value when it’s converted to naira. To calculate the current rate of all your gift cards check out Astro Africa gift card rates calculator.

Making a huge profit from trading your gift cards is a tip of the iceberg of what you stand to gain from trading with Astro Africa.

Other features of Astro Africa are listed below.

Instant payment: Trade your iTunes, Amazon, and Steam gift cards on Astro Africa and get paid instantly. No delay in payment at all except in cases of network issues.

Referral bonuses: Immediately you open an account with Astro Africa, you’re given a unique referral code that consists of 10 alphanumeric digits. With the referral code, you can invite your friends and family to come trade with Astro Africa. When they do, you’re given a reward of 500 naira for each referral that trades. Interesting right? Just another way to make money off Astro Africa if you ask me.

To ensure that you’re paid your referral bonuses, make sure whoever you refer fills in your referral code in the referral code column when signing up.

Security: Cybersecurity is a very important feature of any digital platform and Astro Africa understands this. That is why they invested so much in ensuring the website and app is well secured and immune to the wiles of internet hackers. Even more, your card details are 100% protected from rippers.

24/7 customer service: It is through a responsive network of customer support that Astro Africa have been able to build the trust of its customers. Any issue relating to using the platform can be reported via Whatsapp, web, or the app, and a solution is provided immediately by customer service.

User-friendly: Both tech-savvy and non-tech savvy individuals can easily navigate the Astro Africa platform. It is user-friendly and intuitive in its entirety.

The android mobile app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore or visit

If you want to convert your iTunes, Amazon, and Steam gift cards to naira on Astro Africa, these are the steps to follow.

  1. Log on to or download the android mobile app here.
  2. For existing users, click on log in and fill in your details. For new users, click on sign in and fill in all necessary information.
  3. Click on sell gift cards.
  4. Select the type of card you want to sell.
  5. Select card wallet to credit as NGN and preferred card category.
  6. Input card amount, upload the image of the card and enter image remark.
  7. Click on submit. Immediately your transaction is confirmed, your local currency account will be credited.

Frequently asked questions

Does Astro Africa charge for P2P transfers?

The answer is a straight NO! There are no hidden charges with Astro Africa, only seamless transactions.

What other way can I earn on Astro Africa?

Another way to earn from Astro Africa is through referral bonuses. All you have to do is refer your friends and voila! Astro Africa will pay (500 naira person) you for the number of people you refer. Just imagine referring 10 persons, that is earning 5,000 naira without any hard labor. Amazing right? Login to to get started.

How do I add my bank account on Astro Africa?

  1. Kindly visit the website or download the mobile app here.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Click on add account/Momo
  4. Scroll down to select the account type.
  5. Fill in bank details and then click on save.

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