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Phantom X Receiving High Praise and Recognition by Global Tech Media



Tecno Phantom 5 - Investors King

Without a doubt, PHANTOM X has caught people’s attention as the hottest new smartphone in the market this summer. The surge in orders from emerging markets proves that the extraordinary features and performance of PHANTOM X has been the talk of the town by consumers. At the same time, TECNO‘s new flagship has also attracted the attention of global technology media, receiving rave reviews and high ratings in reports.

As the newly launched flagship device brought to you by TECNO – PHANTOM X exudes elegance both in appearance and technology. Standout features include everything on this impressive device from the 3D borderless screen with 70 degree curve, to the colors derived from artistic imagination, and the stunning glass surface etched texture to the perfect 36.5°curved angle. It goes without saying, PHANTOM X has also achieved a number of firsts in technological innovation feats in the process. The industry’s leading super-large sensor can support the superb 50MP Ultra-Night camera to capture magnificent pictures. The mind blowing curved glass surface etched texture which takes nearly 100 tests and dozens of production processes to perfect. Not to mention, the AI virtual assistant Ella is one of the leading offline intelligent that can support more than 20 functions, PHAMTOM X is truly your go-to device.

Android Authority is the top tech media covering Android related gadgets with millions of followers. In the recent article entitled “the PHANTOM X might just be a work of art” (, they believe currently it’s quite difficult for a brand new smartphone entering into the Android smartphone realm, however PHANTOM X has break the boundaries through the artistic design, improvements from top to bottom and well thought out futuristic innovation all-round. The article said “Beyond the exciting name, there’s a lot to look forward to with this brand-new product line. It’s designed for the artist in you”.

Android Headlines is another top tech media that has shown strong interests in PHANTOM X. In the unboxing article titled “PHANTOM X First Look: Premium Design with Polished Looks”, the author was amazed by the device’s stunning look and the comfortable feeling in hand. Moreover, the article mentioned the unique design of PHANTOM X, positioning the rear camera modules in the middle of the back glass instead of the top corner, which is quite impressive, reiterating the intelligent design of this smartphone.

Additionally, one week after the release of PHANTOM X, the same publication made an in-depth review on the hardware, display, camera and software etc. and stated that the device has all the right features for an excellent mid-to-high-range phone. While it looks equally stylish and premium as some of the competition, it does not take long for consumers to identify PHANTOM X as an outstanding choice due to its unique design, features and performance.

The global top smartphone forum, GSMarena, also mentioned in their review that “the PHANTOM X offers premium-level features that boost the value of the device”. Meanwhile PHANTOM X was listed in GSMarena’s TOP 10 Trending Phones of the Week for 2 consecutive weeks and is the only smartphone from TECNO that ever been listed. Besides, in the weekly poll initiated by GSMarena, PHANTOM X was voted as the best camera phone by consumers. GSMarena think PHANTOM X can produce some of the best nighttime photos they’ve seen recently and it’s a product line to watch out for in the future.

XDA is one of the largest global Android resources mostly welcomed by tech geeks. In their article titled “TECNO Launches Premium PHANTOM X Flagship with Polished Design and Powerful Camera”, XDA explored deeply into PHANTOM X’s pursuit of beauty in design, the big leap in camera performance, and the extraordinary care for the users. In the end, they gave PHANTOM X the XDA recommended award in 2021 because it has an impressive list of specifications with its elegant design and powerful camera performance.

As part of the global expansion strategy, this year PHANTOM was re-defined as a separate flagship sub-brand of TECNO for the higher-end smartphone market carrying a vision and driving force for cutting-edge technology and elegant design. As the brand story states that PHANTOM will always takes every opportunity to break borders, reshape things, and empower consumers to feel their extraordinary qualities and successful moments in life.

PHANTOM X was first unveiled in July this year and has taken Africa by storm, boasting outstanding sales records and wider market recognition. Consumers are particularly satisfied with its remarkable design, comfortable grip, and unique texture. PHANTOM X will also be available in Latin America and Turkey soon with plans for further global outreach to come.

Is the CEO/Founder of Investors King Limited. A proven foreign exchange research analyst and a published author on Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq,, Investorplace, and many more. He has over two decades of experience in global financial markets.

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Flutterwave Expands Financial Frontier: Acquires Money Transfer Licenses for 13 U.S. States

Africa’s Leading Payments Tech Firm Facilitates Faster, Affordable, and Secure Transfers between the U.S. and Africa



Flutterwave - Investors King

In a significant move towards advancing financial connectivity between Africa and the United States, Flutterwave, Africa’s premier payments technology company, has proudly announced its acquisition of money transfer licenses for 13 key U.S. states.

This strategic expansion aims to expedite, streamline, and secure the transfer of money from the U.S. to Africa and back.

The states covered by the newly acquired licenses include Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

These additions, combined with Flutterwave’s existing partnerships and licenses, now empower the company to serve customers seamlessly across 29 states in the U.S.

Money transfer licenses, issued by state regulators, play a pivotal role in enabling financial technology companies like Flutterwave to engage in the transmission of money.

The acquisition of these licenses fortifies Flutterwave’s commitment to regulatory compliance, safety, and the soundness of its services.

Stephen Cheng, Executive Vice President, Global Expansion and Partnerships at Flutterwave, emphasized the significance of this milestone.

“Getting these licenses expands our regulatory footprint, demonstrates our ability to deliver services with safety and soundness, and fosters trust among regulators, partners, and customers,” stated Cheng.

“We’re growing and are committed to servicing customer needs in as many geographies as possible, particularly with a significant African diaspora.”

Flutterwave’s popular solutions, such as the Send App, are set to benefit greatly from this expansion.

The Send App facilitates easy and secure money transfers between the U.S. and Africa, catering to both individual users and enterprises that rely on Flutterwave for global last-mile payouts.

“Sending money between the U.S. and Africa has been challenging for the African diaspora. These licenses pave the way for Flutterwave to make the Send App available to the African diaspora in the U.S., offering a super user-friendly money remittance experience,” explained Olugbenga Agboola, Founder and CEO at Flutterwave.

“Our mission is to connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa by simplifying payments for endless possibilities. These licenses move us one step closer to our vision, and we will continue to expand this feat to ensure coverage for all states in the U.S. and beyond.”

Flutterwave remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accessible remittance services across the U.S. and has outlined plans for further expansion of licensing coverage in the near future.

This ambitious endeavor reflects the company’s dedication to fostering financial inclusion and creating a seamless financial bridge between continents.

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Alibaba Faces Rare Downgrade as PDD Surpasses It in Market Value




Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. received an unusual downgrade from Wall Street on the same day it ceded its position as China’s most valuable e-commerce company to one of its primary competitors.

Morgan Stanley downgraded Alibaba’s American depositary receipts (ADRs) from overweight to equal-weight, concurrently lowering the price target from $110 to $90.

This marks the first downgrade for Alibaba’s US-listed shares since late June, according to Bloomberg data.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley, including Eddy Wang and Gary Yu, expressed concerns about Alibaba’s slower-than-expected turnaround and the uncertainty introduced by the decision to withdraw the spinoff of its cloud business.

In a report dated Thursday, they stated, “brings uncertainty to the value-unlocking from reorganization.”

Simultaneously, Morgan Stanley named PDD Holdings Inc. as its top pick in China’s e-commerce sector, citing its favorable positioning amid the growing trend of consumer price sensitivity.

PDD, an eight-year-old upstart recognized for its successful Temu marketplace, closed Thursday trading in the US with a market capitalization of approximately $196 billion, surpassing Alibaba’s value for the first time.

PDD has experienced a remarkable 80% surge in value this year, while Alibaba has faced a 15% decline in US trading.

Although Alibaba has been a dominant force in China’s online shopping landscape for over a decade, PDD has managed to attract customers with competitive pricing and expand its reach globally.

Morgan Stanley’s move to downgrade Alibaba and elevate PDD underscores the shifting dynamics within China’s e-commerce sector.

Despite this downgrade, brokers remain predominantly bullish on Alibaba, with 44 buy ratings and eight hold recommendations for its ADRs. In comparison, PDD has 52 buy ratings and three holds.

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Bolt Expels Over 5,000 Drivers in Kenya to Enhance Safety Measures



Estonian ride-hailing giant Bolt has taken decisive action in Kenya by removing more than 5,000 drivers from its platform over the past six months.

This move comes as part of Bolt’s commitment to bolstering safety and ensuring compliance among its driver partners.

The company, operating in over 15 towns and cities in Kenya, has earmarked KES 20 million ($130,000) for investments in safety-related practices.

The decision to expel drivers follows recent safety concerns raised by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

Bolt faced scrutiny and was asked to outline its strategy for addressing safety issues, including instances of physical assault on passengers and unauthorized sale of driver accounts.

The NTSA’s directive was a prerequisite for Bolt’s annual license renewal.

Linda Ndungu, Bolt Kenya’s Country Manager, emphasized the company’s commitment to user trust and safety.

Ndungu stated, “We understand the trust our users place in us, and we are taking proactive steps to ensure their well-being during every ride.”

To enhance safety measures, Bolt is implementing internal measures such as random driver selfie checks, providing training for both riders and drivers, and enforcing strict compliance with swift consequences for violations.

Bolt has also introduced improved reporting tools to facilitate the reporting of safety concerns.

Bolt’s move is a response to recent driver dissatisfaction, attributed in part to commission rates exceeding the government’s recommended 18%, including booking fees.

The company aims to address these challenges and reinforce its commitment to safety and compliance within its platform.

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