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Createc Launches Fusion Business Creation Programme for Aspiring Entrepreneurs



Createc - Investors King

Createc, an advanced technology company headquartered in Cockermouth, Cumbria, has  announced the launch of Fusion, a business creation programme for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Createc’s Fusion seeks to bring together talented individuals with Createc’s cutting edge technologies to develop a group of skilled CEOs and CTOs who will head up a new generation of  technology start-up companies. With the Fusion programme, Createc aims to accelerate and de-risk  the adoption of new technologies that will have positive societal impact, drive economic growth, and  create new jobs.

In addition to their core business of development and application of advanced technologies in  robotics, computer vision and radiation measurement, Createc also develops and funds initiatives  that support entrepreneurs, young people, and local economic growth.

Through their Fusion initiative, Createc will employ aspiring entrepreneurs for up to two years, during  which time they will explore Createc’s technology and IP portfolio in depth, identify viable  commercial opportunities and work together to develop these opportunities into technology start up businesses.

Fusion will deliver a comprehensive business training and mentoring programme, to help  Entrepreneurial CEOs and CTOs on the programme to develop the skills and tools needed to  successfully start up a sustainable company. Candidates will also be offered support in securing  funding, including introduction to potential investors.

Fusion entrepreneurs will be supported with technical input and business creation know-how from  Createc’s Fusion team, which brings together Createc’s Directors with technology  commercialisation specialists from FIS360, who have developed and will deliver the programme on  behalf of Createc. The Fusion team also includes business leaders from Entrepreneur Business  School.

Fusion entrepreneurs will benefit from co-location with Createc’s engineers and researchers in  Cumbria or Oxford, with access to specialist laboratory and test facilities.

Matt Mellor, Managing Director, Createc, said:  “At Createc we are passionate about delivering solutions to global problems as well as driving local  economic growth. Fusion is an exciting opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to team up with  our Createc experts and identify new opportunities to bring our technologies to market. Developed from our own experience in creating successful start-ups, our carefully designed programme aims to maximise economic growth and societal impact by providing comprehensive support to help candidates to overcome challenges and deliver sustainable new businesses.”

Frank Allison, CEO, FIS360, said: “This is an ambitious initiative, and we are excited to have  developed the Fusion programme on behalf of Createc. The next two years will be transformational  for those selected to join Fusion.”

Createc is currently seeking candidates to begin the Fusion programme in September 2021 and  applications are open for aspiring CEOs and CTOs until 23rd June 2021.

More information about Fusion can be found on Createc’s website entrepreneurs.

CEO/Founder Investors King Ltd, a foreign exchange research analyst, contributing author on New York-based Talk Markets and, with over a decade experience in the global financial markets.

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Sorry Trump Media & Technology Group, but unicorns aren’t rare anymore, says GlobalData



Truth Social

Following the news that Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) has entered into agreements to raise around $1 billion from a group of unidentified investors; Dr Lil Read, an Analyst in the Thematic Research Team at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“Reaching the unicorn club used to be a notable figure of success. However, it must be said: Sorry Mr. Trump, but unicorns aren’t rare anymore. GlobalData figures show that, there were 826 unicorns — privately held companies that are valued at >$1 billion — as of the end of September 2021, and 751 of these were tech unicorns. The term ‘unicorn’ may be born from the rare, mythical creature, but unicorns are everywhere when it comes to business. Maybe we need a new measure of success.

“As for TMTG’s wish to stand up to the ‘tyranny’ of big tech with its TRUTH social media launch, the company has bitten off more than it can chew — as demonstrated by the way Twitter users were able to create ‘@donaldtrump’ and @mikepence’ accounts, exposing simple vulnerabilities. While these accounts were swiftly banned, it should highlight to the TRUTH Social team that building and maintaining a social media platform is not a simple task. Or, perhaps creating an entirely new platform is not the way to deal with misinformation.

“Whether or not TRUTH Social has sophisticated algorithms and teams of content moderators, misinformation and fake news will breed on the platform under the guise of free speech. The risk is that TRUTH Social will become an outpost for lies.”

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HealthPlus ePharmacy And First-Ever Digital Prescription Website Launched



HealthPlus, Nigeria’s first integrative pharmacy has made history by launching West Africa’s first-ever ePharmacy and digital prescription Platform. Nigerians located anywhere in the country and indeed anywhere in the world can get a prescription from a certified pharmacist and have the medicines delivered promptly. 

This game changing application will facilitate the interaction between patients (customers) and health-service providers nationwide. It also marks a big step in the democratization of health in Nigeria and providing unprecedented healthcare access for Nigerians in all geographical locations.

The HealthPlus  ePharmacy is attributed to a rise in the number of internet consumers, increased access to web-based and online services, and the rising implementation of e-prescriptions in hospitals and other healthcare services.

With 108 million internet users in Nigeria and an estimated 120 million mobile phone holders, HealthPlus is now able to connect more Nigerians to qualified pharmacists and fast track the provision of efficient health care.

In a statement by the Chief Transformational Officer at the launch of this unique service, Mr. Chidi Okoro remarked: “Pharmacists are the first point of care for many Nigerians and are critical to ensure access to essential drugs. The HealthPlus ePharmacy platform is following the mission to enhance access to wholesome medicines and good pharmacy care services. Customers can now access professional pharmacists online from the comfort of their homes using mobile devices.”

Nigeria is also severely under served in the aspect of pharmacy stores locations. Only 25% of Nigeria’s local governments have any sort of pharmacy. That means, 70% of Nigeria’s local government areas have no access to a pharmacist.

Chidi Okoro pledged that “HealthPlus will help bridge this gap. Furthermore Nigeria has one of the lowest productivity rates in the world. This is due to absenteeism  and inadequate health care. If more Nigerians have access to health  and we take a more proactive approach, productivity will increase significantly.

“In keeping with its commitment to raise the standard of care, provide safe access to wholesome medications and reduce wait times, HealthPlus is utilizing the latest technology to consolidate the compendium of care and expand our vision to our customers’ mobile devices.”

Ernest Eguasa, CFO HealthPlus Limited added that “this is a very exciting offering that combines technology and the capabilities of fast-growing sector dynamics of Healthcare and eCommerce in synergy to deliver high-quality customer-centric customer patient care. It gives our customers a channel to conveniently get a wide array of their medical needs with the added benefit of One-on-One pharmaceutical consulting through our bespoke “Chat with a Pharmacist” functionality that ensures patients are getting exactly what they require for their optimum health.”

Afsane Jetha, Managing Partner & CEO Alta Semper and HealthPlus’s private equity partner stated that  “Healthcare in Africa is at an inflection point and has proven its ability to leapfrog traditional business models; it is becoming more consumer-focused and precision-driven. With this technology and platform, we are increasingly focused on preventative care and patients’ well-being, in providing access at their fingertips and the last mile.”

HealthPlus’s commitment to superior quality at reasonable cost maintains the Company’s vision to be West Africa’s most trusted healthcare retail brand, Zachary Fond, Managing Director at Alta Semper also remarked , “HealthPlus is at the forefront of being able to respond to this industry evolution, given the strength of the Company’s brand and its growing footprint nationally, we plan to dedicate further efforts to transformative initiatives aimed at integrating end-to-end healthcare services for our customers”.

The HealthPlus ePharmacy service is available on URL and for a limited period, our customers can access up to 10% discount on selected items.

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Waffarx, First-Ever Cashback Website in North Africa, Raises New Capital




WaffarX, the first-ever cashback shopping service in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, announces it has completed a multi-million dollar financing round led by the Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Lobby Capital – for whom it is their first investment in the MENA region.

The endorsement by San Francisco-based Lobby Capital is significant for WaffarX. Lobby Capital is experienced in investing in successful cashback platforms, having been an early investor in the US firm Ebates, which was successfully sold to Japanese company, Rakuten, in 2014 – in what was Japan’s largest ecommerce deal at the time.

WaffarX will use the proceeds to expand its platform, drive user acquisition and enter new markets in the MENA region.

Founded in 2018 by Ezz Fayek, Mahmoud Montasser and Ahmed Kamal, WaffarX uses cutting-edge technology to distribute cash back rewards, helping shoppers save on every dollar they spend. WaffarX’s secure channel helps brands shift advertising spend directly to consumers via cashback rewards. This creates deeper loyalty for brands, whilst customers monetize their own data, instead of third parties.

Consumers want seamless, personalized engagement rather than disruptive advertisements – with easy-to-achieve, tangible cash rewards – transforming everyday transactions into savings. Brands want cost-effective digital advertising solutions and loyalty programs which focus on customers first and resonate with them. Brands can then incentive customers without discounting or devaluing products.

WaffarX has grown exponentially, and now has over 260 merchant partners and over 450,000 members. The company’s cutting-edge technology provides what modern consumers and merchants/brands want, and benefit both groups.

Ezz Fayek, Co-Founder and CEO of WaffarX, said:

“We’re delighted to have completed this latest funding round. The support of an esteemed Silicon Valley firm such as Lobby Capital, and existing investors – A15, are a huge endorsement of WaffarX’s business model and strategy.

“We have always been pioneers in our industry and our solutions are a win-win for consumers and brands. This capital raise will help us maintain our market leadership, break new ground in our platform, increase our user base and expand our geographic presence.”

David Hornik, General Partner of Lobby Capital, commented:

At Lobby Capital, we know the power of the cash back shopping model to drive growth for merchants, savings for consumers, and positive returns for investors. We also know the benefit of working with great founders like Ezz Fayek. We are very excited that the right business model and right people can come together for Lobby’s first investment in the region.

Karim Beshara, General Partner of A15, commented:

As early investors in WaffarX we are excited to see their continued success. Ezz and the team have been thought leaders in the cash back space in MENA and we are excited to see how they continue to innovate and bring new, exciting products to market.”

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