Simple Ways For Your Business To Conserve Power

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  • Simple Ways For Your Business To Conserve Power

Wasted energy is wasted money, so cutting down on both will benefit a business. Here are some simple ways to do so and also add to your bottom line.

Have Your Company’s Energy Usage Audited

At first, an energy audit may sound a little bit frightening. However, the process itself is extremely simple. All that you have to do is contact your local utility company to schedule a time for them to come to your place of business and evaluate how your energy is being used. After checking out your building or facility, they can then make recommendations on how you can conserve power. This can help you reduce your energy usage while at the same time lowering your monthly utility expenses.

Avoid Wasted Energy By Turning off Devices And Lights

Overhead lights, lamps, and office equipment can drain a tremendous amount of energy if they are left on overnight. The simple act of turning these devices off at night can help your business save a significant amount of power. You can set your computers up to automatically hibernate when they are not in use. Alternatively, you can even set them to shut down altogether. You may even want to assign the task of going through the building to look for any devices that are still on to one of your employees. This not only includes office equipment but also additional electrical devices such as the coffee maker or the microwave. You can make it easier to turn everything off at night by connecting all of your devices to power strips. Then, it is simply a matter of flipping the switch to the off position at the end of the day.

Use The Light From Outside Whenever Possible

Opening up your blinds or curtains and letting outside light come in can be a great way to reduce the need for lamps for overhead lights. This can help you cut back on your daytime energy usage. In some cases, you may be able to rely entirely on natural light, eliminating the need for indoor lighting in certain parts of your building.

Switch To Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

These days, there are so many different types of energy-efficient bulbs on the market that there is really no excuse not to be using them in your building. It is an incredibly simple way to drastically cut the amount of power that your company uses. Best of all, the cost of LED and compact fluorescent bulbs is continually dropping. That means that you can replace all of your existing light bulbs without having to spend a fortune in the process. The best part is, these bulbs also last much longer than incandescent bulbs. That means that you won’t have to replace them for a long time. The combination of a longer life span and lower energy usage can wind up saving you a ton of money.

Change Company

There can be a big disparity in the prices charged by different energy companies to supply your energy and looking and comparing can make all the difference. Simply Switch’s energy comparison tool is well worth a look If you want to save money.

Automate The Process Of Saving Energy

There are a lot of devices on the market that are designed to automatically reduce power usage. For instance, motion sensors can be used to automatically turn off the lights in a room if it is unoccupied. Some dimmer switches can even be set to automatically adjust the light level in the room based on the amount of light coming in from outside. These types of devices can help you save without even having to think about it after they are installed.

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