Siemens Plans Off-grid Power Solutions in Nigeria

  • Siemens Plans Off-grid Power Solutions in Nigeria

Siemens Limited has said it is looking to deploy off-grid power solutions in Nigeria as part of efforts to promote energy efficiency in the country.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Limited Nigeria, Mrs. Onyeche Tifase, disclosed this in Lagos at the launch of the new Siemens brand claim, ‘Ingenuity for Life’.

She said, “We are looking at off-grid solutions and mini-grid solutions for universities, using them as exporters of energy because a university is a small hub in itself or a small city.

“How can we bring smart solutions that are affordable, renewable-based, not purely running on gas or diesel? But how can we bring efficient power solutions that can export energy to the environs? So, there is a lot we are talking about; it is an extremely exciting time for me.”

Tifase said the company was working with the German government to inject funds to boost energy efficiency in Nigeria.

She said, “We are also looking at how we can convince the German government to do what it has done already in other countries in the world – to advise government and share lessons learnt. So, we can start to change the way we even make decisions at critical levels because these things delay projects; they discourage investors. The good thing about where we are now is that people are starting to get more creative and ingenious.

“Whatever we are doing that is the best practice elsewhere can be done here.”

The Siemens Nigeria’s CEO said the company was proud and excited about the new brand statement, adding, “It aptly describes and expresses what drives us; what we do; what we are into; what we create and the added value we create for our customers, employees partners and the society at large.

“Ingenuity is at the heart of everything Siemens does. So, the word ‘ingenuity’ for our company implies innovation engineering, genius and unity; unity with its customers, partners, shareholders and stakeholders to deliver excellent solution that leaves positive impact on the society at large.

Tifase said the new brand claim also related to Siemens’ ability to “make real what matters through the creation and adoption of high-end technologies that address issues across water, health care, education, transport, manufacturing, basic infrastructure and other things.”

She said for over 160 years of existence, Siemens had continued to create solutions for the greatest challenges confronting humans.

She said, “As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, there are tougher questions being asked on how we can sustainably ensure faster and more efficient transportation, stable and affordable power, safe and portable drinking water and accessible health care, and so on.

“In Nigeria, we are proud of the legacies we have built here over the past 46 years and our commitment to remain unwavering despite the challenges we are facing now. Siemens is here for the long term; when things are turned around, we want to be here fixing things, building things, teaching, advising, transferring technology, and sharing technology and technological best practices.”

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