‘Protect Data Centres to Minimise Cost, Losses’

  • ‘Protect Data Centres to Minimise Cost, Losses’

Information and communication technology (ICT) experts have advised data centre owners to protect the facility to reduce operational costs as well as preventing data loss.

CEOs and boards of directors must recognise their responsibilities to protect the information assets that reflect their good stewardship.

In his presentation, titled: Disaster Recovery, an expert in disaster recovery and representative of Firelock, Gerald Nichol, said loss of vital records can result in severe legal penalties.

He noted that successfully managing the modern world of risk means that vital information must be protected and accessible at short notices.

Nichole said: “It is important to understand that in these times, there is a need for contextual protection of information in its entirety. In terms of the possible legal consequences, the loss of even a part of your critical information due to improper storage could be damaging, to say nothing of the reduction costs associated with returning your digital information to a usable condition.

“Unfortunately, these issues are compounded by the fact that even business that understand the need to protect their backup data mistakenly assume that concert vaults that that protect paper documents will also protect digital media.”

Also speaking, Cyber Security Risk Manager at PwC, Alfred Yar’Adua, pointed out that human error could cause data section disaster, adding that organisations are exposed to risk daily.

Yar’Adua pointed out that the modern day economy is referred to as data based economy which is practically driven by data.

He explained that organisations should adopt zero based architecture for data security, adding that this kind of framework does not give room for data loss, should any mishap occurs.

He regretted that many firms avoid building robust resilience into their business due to potential high cost.

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