Nigerians in Diaspora Urged to Invest in Agric

  • Nigerians in Diaspora Urged to Invest in Agric

A firm, Adbond, Harvests & Homes, has launched a campaign to encourage Nigerians in the diaspora to invest in agriculture.

Its Managing Director, Adekoya Oluwasegun Gbenga urged members of the Diaspora to take advantage of the many investment opportunities which exist in agriculture.

He said his organisation has been pivotal to unleashing the potential of farming and agribusiness with investment in land infrastructure.

Gbenga said he was receiving enquiries from Nigerians, who are passionate about agriculture.

According to him, discussions on investment in agriculture focused on potential land options, how businesses could access land in Nigeria for large-scale agricultural operations; incentives and procedures for the agricultural sector, and the technical requirements when undertaking specific agricultural activities.

He said his organisation was providing affordable lands around Ogun and Lagos states for would-be investors and to generate funding to kick-start various projects .

He said the organisation was determined to provide farm managers service to assist absentee farmers.

He noted that they were making farming a serious business, and this included employing professional managers.

He said his organisation is ready to manage third party farm land for absentee landowners, agricultural land investors, developers as well as other producers.

He said his organisation was also looking at farming as a business and intends to create jobs and make a profit out of ventures engaged in.

He assured Nigerians from the Diaspora that their money would be more secure if invested in agriculture.

According to him, his organisation is ready to publicise the accessible opportunities in agriculture diaspora to help Nigeria abroad to know where to invest.

He said the company’s core value lies in developing agriculture and its ancillary services, adding that the company believed in a partnership approach and were looking at partnering with local farmers in many agricultural projects, focused on partnerships, individual projects, and empowering local communities.

He believes Nigeria is blessed with good soils upon which a variety of crops can be grown, favourable climatic conditions, and a well-developed labour force.

For him, what is now required is to harness all these positive factors to spur the growth of the agricultural sector.

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