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Nigeria Announces 284 New Cases of COVID-19, Total Now 6677



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  • Nigeria Announces 284 New Cases of COVID-19, Total Now 6677

More cases of COVID-19 are being reported on a daily basis in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 284 new cases on Wednesday to take the total number of cases to 6677.

The centre also reported 8 new death cases to take the total death due to the virus to 200.

“Till date, 6677 cases have been confirmed, 1840 cases have been discharged and 200 deaths have been recorded in 34 states and the Federal Capital Territory,” the NCDC stated.

The 284 new cases were reported from 13 states – Lagos(199), Rivers(26), Oyo(19), FCT(8), Borno (8), Plateau(7), Jigawa (6), Kano (5), Abia(2), Ekiti(1), Delta(1), Kwara (1) and Taraba (1).

Complete Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 by State

States Affected No. of Cases (Lab Confirmed) No. of Cases (on admission) No. Discharged No. of Deaths
Lagos 2,954 2,332 582 40
Kano 847 690 121 36
FCT 435 311 115 9
Katsina 281 239 29 13
Borno 235 122 89 24
Bauchi 224 89 130 5
Jigawa 211 130 78 3
Ogun 178 103 69 6
Oyo 162 110 48 4
Kaduna 152 66 82 4
Gombe 136 41 92 3
Edo 119 78 35 6
Sokoto 113 25 75 13
Rivers 79 54 21 4
Zamfara 76 8 63 5
Kwara 66 40 25 1
Plateau 57 42 14 1
Osun 42 5 33 4
Nasarawa 34 15 18 1
Yobe 32 28 3 1
Kebbi 32 11 17 4
Delta 28 10 12 6
Adamawa 26 12 13 1
Niger 22 16 5 1
Ekiti 20 5 13 2
Ondo 20 4 15 1
Akwa Ibom 18 4 12 2
Taraba 18 8 10 0
Enugu 16 10 6 0
Ebonyi 13 12 1 0
Abia 7 6 1 0
Imo 7 0 7 0
Bayelsa 7 2 5 0
Benue 5 5 0 0
Anambra 5 4 1 0

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Big Brother Naija 2020 Winner is Laycon



Olamilekan Agbeleshe, popularly known as Laycon, has emerged  Big Brother Naija 2020 winner following record-shattering votes he received from millions of fans across Nigeria and Africa.

As widely expected, Olamilekan Agbeleshe, popularly known as Laycon, has emerged  Big Brother Naija 2020 winner following record-shattering votes he received from millions of fans across Nigeria and Africa.

Laycon, 26, made it to the grand finale with four other contestants, Dorathy, Neo, Vee and Nengi.

On September 27, 2020, Vee, a London born and raised Nigerian, was the first to be evicted followed by her partner, Neo.

This was followed by Nengi, the beautiful model that was romantically involved with Ozo, another housemate that was evicted two weeks to the finale.

Dorathy, as earlier predicted by Investors King Ltd, was the last contestant to drag it out with viewers’ favourite, Laycon.

While Laycon, a graduate of the University of Lagos and rapper, has mesmerized Nigerians with his intelligence and calmness, Dorathy, on the other hand, has used her calmness and perceived relatable personality to win seizable number of Nigerians over, even though a small number of people thinks she was not real throughout her stay in the house. She continues to win many Nigerians over.

According to Dorathy, she participated in the reality TV show to build her brand and sell her products.

However, Laycon participated to sell his music and also further his career as an entertainer.

While in the Big Brother House, Laycon got involved with Erica, another housemate that was eventually disqualified due to altercation with Laycon and several other issues. Laycon, later became a close friend with Vee who stood by him and helped him overcame emotional trauma that almost halted his journey to the finale.

To know more about Laycon read his biography, career and health issue here.

Laycon has been leading the entire voting chart of the show since day one and at some point, he had over 51 percent of the entire votes.

Since he entered Big Brother’s house, Laycon has built his fan base from slightly above 3000 to over 1.4 million on Instagram while across social media he has over 2 million fans that passionately voted for him throughout his stay in the house.

Raised by a police father, who sadly died of cancer, according to the news flying around on social media. Laycon, a discipline and principle young man, holds no grudges.

Laycon was officially declared as the winner of 2020 big brother Naija on Sunday, September 27, 2020 after receiving 60 percent of the entire votes.

Dorathy received 21.5 percent, while Nengi received 15.03 percent, Neo 1.94 percent and Vee got 1.18 percent.

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US Plans to Conduct $2.1m Impact of COVID-19 Survey in Nigeria



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The United States Government said it will be conducting a survey that will cost it a total of $2.1million to determine the extent of COVID-19 transmission in three selected states of Gombe, Enugu, and Nasarawa states in Nigeria.

The US government in a statement over the weekend said the survey will increase the current understanding of COVID-19 transmission and burden in these three states and inform COVID-19 response efforts of the Government of Nigeria and its partners.

According to the statement which was published on the twitter handle of the U.S Mission Nigeria, @USinNigeria, the survey will be conducted through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the University of Maryland, Baltimore which is one of its implementing partners in Nigeria, to provide technical assistance and oversee field implementation of the survey.

The survey which will be conducted between September and November with preliminary results expected to be released by December 2020, is part of the U.S. government’s bilateral efforts to improve the health and well-being of the Nigerian people.

The statement reads: “The survey will estimate the proportion of the population in these states who have ever been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 disease.

“This will be accomplished by measuring the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the blood of volunteers. The survey will also estimate the proportion of people who have the disease but are not showing any symptoms, determine risk factors for infection, and measure the intra-household transmission of COVID-19. “The survey will also estimate the prevalence of malaria and its potential relationship to SARS-CoV-2 infection. All members of selected households will be offered the opportunity to participate in the survey.

“If they agree, participants will answer a brief questionnaire, have their blood drawn and tested for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, and receive a nasal swab and oropharyngeal swab to test for acute COVID-19. They will also have a rapid malaria test and receive malaria treatment if the test is positive.”

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BBnaija 2020 Winner: Laycon, Dorathy, Nengi, Neo and Vee Fight for N85m



BBnaija 2020 Winner to be Announced Today

As the Big Brother Naija 2020 reality TV show comes to an end today September 27, 2020, here is a look into BBnaija 2020 likely winner of the grand prize of N85 million.

Our first pick is Laycon, the viewers’ obvious favourite for several reasons.


Olamilekan Agbeleshe, popularly known as Laycon, is the most likely to win the entire thing given the millions of votes he has received since the show started about three months ago.

Laycon, 26, known for his mental alertness and intelligence has managed to build the largest fan base the show has ever witnessed with over 1.4 million on Instagram and more than 2 million across social media platforms while still in the house.

Week after week, Laycon has won one task after the other to imprint his person, commitment and rare intelligence in the hearts of millions of fans in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Millions of fans donated money and organised events to mobilise others to vote for the rapper, whose songs are now trending in Nigeria and other African nations.

Laycon, for the first time in the history of the show, has won the heart of Nigerians not by beauty or sympathy but pure intelligence and years of hard work now in the public domain.

A Laycon fan said, “Laycon, since the commencement of the contest has been a good team player who relates freely with every member of the house, as well as contributing meaningfully to every discussion and activity.

Click here to read more about Laycon Career, Family and Health issue.


Dorathy, 24, is another strong contender that has managed to win the hearts of Nigerians through her calmness and personality. Dorathy has survived three evictions on her way to the grand finale while building her fan base.

Viewers have described Dorathy as the most focused and calculative of all the five housemates that made it to the finals. Also, described as fake due to the way she monitored the cameras and some of her behaviour that suggested she was not real.

Dorathy at some point was involved in a love triangle with Ozo and Nengi, and later with Wathoni and Brighto.

According to a viewer, Dorathy is one person that could pose little challenge to Laycon. The viewer said “The only person I see that will pose a little challenge to Laycon is Dorothy because many people also like her performance and how she relates with other housemates.


Another strong housemate for the money is 22-year-old Rebecca Nengi Hampson from Bayelsa state. A model and an entrepreneur that has managed to get viewers talking the very moment she stepped into the house.

The University of Port Harcourt graduate won the first and the last Head of the House game. Nengi’s best friend in the house was Ozo, who was eventually evicted from the show.

She was involved in a love triangle with Dorathy and Ozo before Dorathy backed out to allow the two build what is now one of the most talked-about friendships formed in the house.

In the last week of the show, both Nengi and Laycon, following Ozo eviction, have continued to forge a new friendship that has got viewers talking about the two that have won the most money and tasks in the house.


Emuobonuvie Akpofure, popularly known as Neo, is the second male that made it to the finals. Neo, with his strategic relationship with Vee, has managed to evade evictions and tricked the remaining housemates not to nominate Vee for eviction in the final week while Vee did the same for him in her group.

Generally, Neo is seen as a friend to all, even though he nominated Prince and some of his closest friends for eviction. We do not see Neo as the likely winner given the social media presence, data and fan base reach. However, he is a worthy contestant with his lovely personality.


Popularly called Vee, Victoria Adeyele, is a 23-year-old London born and raised musician that now lives in Lagos. Bold, calculative and sometimes annoying as she has been in the last week just because she made it to the final.

She has managed to infuriate some of her fans with the way she treated Neo after they both made it to the final. While she is not likely to win, a friendship with Laycon and blatant disregard for others, either those still in the house or evicted, has made her one of the most talked-about in the house.

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