More than 33m Nigerians Are on Facebook

  • More than 33m Nigerians Are on Facebook

Nigeria remains Facebook’s largest market in Africa, according to a recent video published by Juliani, a Kenyan gospel artiste who visited Facebook office in Manhattan, New York.

The video shows Facebook has 33 million active monthly users and 16 million active daily users in Nigeria.

South Africa came second with 28 million active monthly users and 16 million daily active users like Nigeria.

In Kenya, the company boast of 9.9 million monthly users and 4.7 million active daily users.

In 2016, Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Africa for Facebook, said the company has 16 million active monthly users in Nigeria. Meaning the company grew its Nigerian users by over 100 percent to 33 million active monthly users in 3 years.

“Since we first established a direct presence in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015, Facebook has grown from strength to strength,” says Nunu Ntshingila.

“We have enjoyed working closely with entrepreneurs, partners, developers and small businesses as they have used Facebook as a platform for growth. It’s inspiring for us to learn from the continent and to play a role in helping people and organisations connect with the world.”

In 2017, Facebook announced it has 170 million users in Africa, therefore an office was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa, to support advertisers, application developers and other key partners across Africa.

“This is the year we deepen our partnerships with Nigerian businesses. We’re committed to Nigeria, and during this visit we shared insights with our business and agency partners on how to deliver personalised marketing, at scale, where people are – on their mobile phone. We want to make sure Nigeria – its people, its agencies and its businesses – realise the opportunity that technology and mobile bring,” Ntshingila stated as Facebook continues to deepen its presence in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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