Mompha: Hushpuppi Next Says Gar Warner, US Forensic Researcher

  • Mompha: Hushpuppi Next Says Gar Warner, US Forensic Researcher

An American computer forensic researcher on Malware and social network of Criminals at the University of Alabama, Gar Warner has said maybe the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) will arrest Hushpuppi next after a successful operation on Mompha, Hushpuppi’s friend.

In a tweet by the forensic researcher, he said Mompha is a top ten Business Email Compromise (BEC) scammer and criminal.

He said, the now in custody Mompha, hid his money in Dubai and commended the EFCC for a job well done.

In the tweet, he said: “If you aren’t a big follower of West African crime, you won’t understand how HUGE this news is! #Mompha is a “Top Ten” #BEC (Business Email Compromise) scammer/criminal who mostly hides with his money in Dubai. Well done, @officialEFCC!.”

He added that “to see the scale of this guy’s criminal earnings, just look at his Instagram account maybe they’ll get his friend #Hushpuppi next ??.” Suggesting that Hushpuppi is already on US radar.

Ismaila Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha, was arrested on October 18th in Nigeria after evading Interpol arrest in Dubai.

Mompha on the left Hushpuppi on the right

Mompha on the left Hushpuppi on the right

According to the EFCC, “actionable cross border intelligence received from collaborative law enforcement agencies about his alleged involvement in the criminal activities further strengthened our suspicion.”

“Ismaila who allegedly perpetrates his fraudulent activities under the guise of being a Bureau de Change operator is always seen with his little son flaunting huge amount of foreign currencies on his social media platforms.

“Investigations have also revealed that Ismaila is only using the BDC business, he jointly owned with his siblings, as a decoy to launder his proceeds of crime.

“However, the suspect has volunteered useful information to the operatives and has admitted to be reasonably involved in the first two cases he was alleged to be involved.”

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