Many Injured, Goods Destroyed as Yoruba, Hausa Youths Clash in Lagos

  • Many Injured, Goods Destroyed as Yoruba, Hausa Youths Clash in Lagos

Four people were badly injured and thousands of wares destroyed, on Sunday, following a clash between Yoruba and Hausa youths in Oke-ado, Ile-Epo area of Abule Egba, Lagos State.

The clash, which reportedly started at about 2 pm, led to severe machete cuts as well as a dangerous exchange of bottles and stones between the Hausa and Yoruba factions involved in the clash.

It was gathered that the clash started after a Hausa truck pusher popularly called, ‘Bolar’ or ‘Alabo’ mistakenly hit a Yoruba orange seller with his truck; causing the tray of oranges to fall.

This led to a fight between the duo in which the Hausa truck pusher eventually slumped and had a seizure.

In a bid to avenge the plight of their tribesman, Hausas scavengers in the area captured the Yoruba trader and dragged him to a Shanty by a dumpsite.

Yoruba touts in the area got wind of the incident and this led to a fight between both factions.

The resulting fracas caused severe traffic gridlock in the area as residents were seen running helter-skelter. Plunderers and pickpocket thieves took advantage of the situation to loot wares in the market and steal valuables from pockets of unsuspecting traders and pedestrians, who were more concerned about fleeing to save their lives.

Reports has it that, the crisis was only a snap of an already stretched tension, between Hausa and Yoruba traders over leadership of the market with the Hausas wanting to execute their leadership by obtaining fees from traders; and a consequent strong opposition from the Yorubas in that regard.

A resident in the area said, “The Hausas are always trying to take over the market place. They want other traders, including Yorubas, to be paying royalties to them. I think that is the genesis of the problem. They just used whatever issue that happened today as a means to vent their anger.”

The presence of a combined team of Rapid Response Squad, Lagos State Task Force on Environment and Sanitation (Enforcement) Unit and Mobile Police, finally restored peace to the area and a free flow of traffic was restored.

According to the Spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Bala Elkana, six suspects have been arrested. He also added that no life was  lost in the clash.

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