Interswitch Partners American Express

  • Interswitch Partners American Express

Interswitch Limited, a fintech company based in Nigeria with operations in other African countries, has partnered American Express (AmEx) to expand their reach and acceptance in Nigeria.

According to the statement issued by Interswitch, the partnership will enable American Express Cardmembers to transact using a wide range of merchants that are presently processing payments through the Interswitch platform in Nigeria, and as well as ATM withdrawals.

Also, the deal will allow Interswitch to integrate its network of merchants in Nigeria into the global American Express network.

Presently, American Express Cardmembers can only use their cards in few places across the country but with the partnership, Interswitch will manage their transactions in Nigeria and allow them access to all its merchants across the nation with zero hassle.

Akeem Lawal, the Divisional Chief Executive Officer for Payment Processing, Interswitch, said: “AmEx and Interswitch are aligned in our desire to provide fast and secure payment solutions and transactions across Nigeria. With this new partnership, we are improving AmEx Cardmember access to a convenient and secure network, which also benefits our merchants who will gain new opportunities presented by an expanded user base. By remaining card scheme neutral, Interswitch will continue to explore innovative partnerships that will benefit consumers and retailers alike.”

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