Domestic Airlines Undermined by Government, Say Operators

Domestic Airlines

The Airline Operators of Nigeria has said domestic airlines are being undermined by the government through lack of support for their operations.

The Chairman, AON, Capt. Noggie Meggison, said in a statement that foreign exchange was regularly being allocated to importers of petrol at N285 per dollar. However, domestic airlines received no such support from the government.

“The road transporters don’t pay five per cent VAT, or the regulatory five per cent ticket sales tax, or other multiple taxes being charged the airlines today.  On the other hand, as much as 35 per cent of the total ticket price is paid as taxes and levies.

“Apart from the question of no support on the fixed rate of jet fuel, the government is not making dollars available for the airlines to carry out their operations. To this end, therefore, it will seem like the airlines are being undermined.”

Meggison said for most air passengers, the alternative mean of travel would be going by road.

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