First Bank, Access Bank Tell Customers to be Wary as Bank Fraud Rises


First Bank and Access Bank Warns Customers Against Bank Fraudsters

The two of the nation’s biggest banks warned bank customers to be cautious during this period as the number of reported fraud cases jumped.

In separate e-mails to customers, the two banks, First Bank and Access Bank, said customers should be wary of emails demanding their personal information as no bank will do so.

First Bank of Nigeria said it recorded 275,000 new sign-ups to its various alternative channels during the lockdown.

“We observed that scammers are beginning to have sleepless nights over our customers’ accounts.

“They have started sending messages on purported ATM card deactivation, due to difference in date of birth.

“They even go as far as telling you to dial their fraudulent numbers to activate your card.

“As in, they want to defraud you and they still ask you to waste your money on them! Don’t fall for it; it’s a lie!

“Let them know that you are not a zombie, let them know smartness is in your DNA. If you get any suspicious message as such, delete it immediately.

“Rest assured, FirstBank will never ask for your personal details or ask you to call a personal number.

“Also, do not click on any online link asking for your account details such as your BVN, personal information, ATM card number, PIN or OTP.”

Similarly, Access Bank Plc warned customers to be vigilant during this period.

It stated, “Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the country which necessitated the lockdown of first, three major cities, and eventually the entire nation, the bank has observed a worrying increase in reports of fraudsters targeting unsuspecting customers.

“This development has become even more worrisome, especially as these people not only disguise themselves as bank representatives, but also use the palliatives from the government as bait to collect customers BVNs and other key banking details.”

Victor Etuokwu, the Executive Director, Retail Banking, Access Bank Plc, stated “Access Bank is imploring its customers to be wary of any message, demanding their personal or bank details.

“Customers must remember that the bank will never ask for their BVN, full card PAN, PIN, mobile app activation code, OTP or password as it is readily available to the Bank via its database.

“Any call, email and text message, claiming to be from Access Bank demanding for any of these details is certainly a scam,” he concluded.

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