Air Peace Joins Other Airlines Calling for Bailout of the Aviation Sector

Allen Onyema Air PeaceAllen Onyema, Founder and CEO of Air Peace.

Air Peace Joins Other Airlines to Seek Bailout from FG

Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest carrier, has joined the numbers of airlines calling on the Federal Government for support to mitigate COVID-19 damages and stop potential mass lay-off in the aviation industry.

Allen Onyema, the Chief Executive Officer, Air Peace, who spoke on the importance of bailout during the flight simulation exercise conducted ahead of resumption last weekend, said government support would help airlines save jobs.

He said, “Palliatives, bailout, rollout, intervention funds or whatever we call it is necessary. All over the world, the government is giving palliatives, bailout funds to their airlines.

“Even the strongest of airlines all over the world asked for this. What bothers us more in Air Peace is the retention of the workforce.

“COVID-19 has brought about immense loss of jobs worldwide. We must begin to think of ways of curbing the losses in Nigeria.”

Onyema said sacking staff in the industry could lead to more crime in the society.

The Chief Executive Officer added that the decision of the Federal Airports of Nigeria to increase service charges on tickets by 100 percent would increase flight costs.

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