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Heading To The Casino: Tips For Success



  • Heading To The Casino: Tips For Success

Casinos use a number of different tricks to try to encourage people to part with their money. These have been tried and tested for decades and are common business practice. So, what are they and what do they do to entice you to spend more.

Skip The Free Drinks

One of the most mentioned benefits of going to the casino is that they provide drinks at no charge. I worked at a business once where the state did not let us sell alcohol. However, guests were told they could bring in whatever they wanted to drink. There were so many times that I stumbled upon guests who were intoxicated and then made poor decisions with their money. Casinos are providing guests with alcohol because they do not want them to win at the games. All the money they lose more than makes up for the cost of the drinks. When you drink too much, you are not able to think as clearly. You are more likely to lose track of your gambling and walk away with significant losses.

If you want to win, you have to keep your mind sharp. That means you shouldn’t drink. The atmosphere is already loud and exciting. You don’t want one more thing to take your mind off of what you should be doing.

Be Mindful Of Security

Most people realize that there are security cameras everywhere at a casino. What they don’t know is that there are also police officers, dressed as guests, scattered throughout the property. They keep a close eye on gamblers so that they can figure out if anyone is trying to be dishonest. Casinos do not broadcast the fact that they have these “undercover” law enforcement officers. They do everything they can to keep the atmosphere happy and positive.

Are you interested in seeing where one is? It’s actually not that hard. These individuals circle the premises fairly constantly. You may see them play a hand and then move on. Their bets are usually not very big. They don’t seem to care about the outcome of the game. That’s because they aren’t actually playing; they are using the casino’s money, and that money will go right back to the casino.

Remember That Comps Aren’t Free

Gamblers talk a lot about how to get a casino to give them things for free, like a free room, free food or free beverages. They even “advise” others to look like they are losing in order to get these freebies. But, remember what we talked about before? People are always watching, and the staff has to follow a strict protocol before they comp something. They aren’t going to give you free food because you are nice. They can actually lose their job if they comp something to an individual that hasn’t spent enough in the casino.

Also, if you are winning, you almost certainly will not get anything for free. The casino wants to comp individuals that are losing; they want them to keep losing, so if they can get them to hang around for another day by offering them a free room, they will do it. If you get offered something for free, alarm bells should go off in your head. You need to get going, because you are probably losing too much money. It’s part of the inner workings of a casino.

Pay Attention To The Cards

Casinos are very slick when it comes to how they deal with the cards. You’ve likely seen the card trays and watched as they get swapped every so often. However, have you truly paid attention to what they are doing with their cards? Pretend for a moment that you are sitting in front of a dealer and he has two decks. You assume that its a double-deck game and join in. In some ways, you are correct; there are 104 cards total. However, those “two” decks are actually comprised of cards made from as many as seven decks.

The casino doesn’t want you to win money. They use the above mentioned tactic to try and throw off card counters that believe they know what the dealer is holding. However, because the deck is mixed, it is virtually impossible to know. The lesson here is to never be too overconfident.

Larger Chips Aren’t Best

Many casinos want you to take the bigger chips. That’s because it benefits them. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but larger chips can be your downfall. Gamblers usually don’t think much about throwing down a chip. However, if that chip has a high value, they are going to lose money quickly. You may not realize how much you are betting until you are deep in a hole. Stick to the small chips to be safe. The casino isn’t going to make you take the big ones, so do what is best for you.

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