‘Nigeria Needs Strong Growth After Recession’

  • ‘Nigeria Needs Strong Growth After Recession’

The Federal Government has been advised to increase the positive growth recorded in the second quarter of this year.

The National Bureau of Statistics, in its Q2 report, noted that the economy grew by 0.55 per cent and exited recession, after posting negative growth in the previous five quarters.

There is a need for the policymakers to build on the success recorded so far on the economy, according to the Diocesan Bishop of Ife, Rt. Rev. Olubunmi Akinlade, who welcomed the NBS report with optimism.

Akinlade argued that consolidating on the positive growth would make the man on the street to experience a better living standard.

He added that the Federal Government must do everything to prevent the processes that plunged the nation into recession.

The cleric spoke while announcing the diocese’s 2017 Synod.

The four-day synod, which commences on Thursday in Ile-Ife, Osun State, has the theme, “Alive with God.”

Akinlade said, “It is good news that Nigeria is coming out of recession. We know that even if they say Nigeria has come out of recession now, it will take time before everyone will feel the impact.

“But it’s not an indication for us to go back to our old ways. In our old ways we were extremely wasteful. I will urge the government to manage the dividends coming out of recession carefully so that the waste of the past is not repeated, that will be my advice to them.”

While imploring the Federal Government to focus more on infrastructure development, the cleric pleaded with the government to prevent future strike by working to honour its agreement with relevant economic stakeholders like the university lecturers and medical doctors.

He urged President Muhammad Buhari to remain focused in order to deliver on his campaign promises to Nigerians.

He added, “When an agreement on a particular issue had been reached, we need to implement those agreements. Government should not accede to a proposal in order to temporarily solve the problem when there is no intention or political will to keep to it.

“So, this time around that negotiations are on and agreements reached, I’ll advise that both sides should reach an amicable solution to see that agreements that can be implemented are jointly reached for the good of the nation.”

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