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Social media has brought upon us an unprecedented level of communication, interaction and sharing. All of these has led to an overwhelming level of information overflow. Before one set of information is consumed and digested, another is hot off the press. So, for knowledge and information enthusiasts, it’s a race against time to consume, apply and keep the cycle going.

This cycle, as overwhelming as it can be, has even been compounded with the fact that there is no limit to content creation. I do not need to have any source of authority to write this article. You too – should you choose to write. All you need is to be able to structure your thoughts and pass your message in understandable ways. But even that is not a benchmark. I have read tons of contents where the author just put together words that made poor arguments, showed no grammatical structure and even had lots of spelling mistakes. They too can have their contents published on designated platforms.  

Organizations too have joined the articles and “blog wagon” to churn out contents on a frequent basis. These contents are shared by internal social ambassadors (mostly employees), who act as information bees, to spread corporate message across their respective social media platforms. Information bees range from senior executives to interns. All gloriously join in the dissemination of information – which is good.

But, studying these posts that are dispensed every now and then, I took time to observe the feedbacks and engagements in relation to the number of connections the individual has and I found a very striking pattern. Most posts, even shared by senior level employees, barely got a social media “like” and there was little to no comments or engagements. Which now begs the question, are we now arriving at a point where everybody, including me, is talking but nobody’s listening?

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Emmanuel Ibok
Primarily focused on smartly driving team and organisation operations using data-driven insights; tactical strategies application for business and sales as well as program support & management. Over 7 years of studying and working in business, have spent the past 2 years in two of Fortune 500 companies. Holds a Master in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France.

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