Benefits Of Meditation In The Workplace

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  • Benefits Of Meditation In The Workplace

Stress and depression especially when in the workplace can take a toll on your performance and productivity.

Learning to keep stress in check is the only way anyone can regain his/her life back, and be productive again. Meditation is considered one of the best ways to beat stress and all the negatives that come with it. This form of therapy also makes it possible for you to clear your mind  this reduces anxiety by inducing calmness. This reduces irritability and tiredness from an overworked mind.

I was once under the yolk of stress and depression, conditions that almost cost me my career. Thanks to meditation, I was able to unhook myself before it was too late. I am living proof that meditation does work, and do believe that it can help you overcome any form of stress in your life. Meditation also unlocks potentials and capabilities you never knew to be possible. Some of the main benefits of meditation (in the workplace) are outlined below.

  1. Improved Clarity and Focus

The obstacles that life and work throw at you can either make you fight or take flight. According to research, most working individuals face at least 12 challenges each day. While some of these obstacles have a workaround, some have to be tackled as they come. Some of these challenges can elevate one’s stress levels to boiling points. This gradually starts to take a toll on one’s eating habits, irritability, heart rate, etc.

Taking some time to meditate (during breaks) however helps rejuvenate your mind giving you more clarity and ability to focus. Since most humans only use 10% of their mental capacity, meditation helps keep the active brain cells rejuvenated, and also unlocks an extra percentage too. This enables you to stay calm even when faced with the most demanding of challenges. It is by remaining calm that you can focus on matters at hand, and even find solutions faster.

So, creating a quiet place at work with some nice smells, low lighting and perhaps the trickle of an indoor water fountain can be a big help.

  1. Improved Employee loyalty

Most companies have meditation as a part of their employee wellness program. The primary objective here is to enable employees to be capable of handling stress well among others. Although a small deed, allowing employees to meditate (or even introducing it to them) means you do care about their health.  In return, most of these employees remain loyal to you, with very few opting to test the job market elsewhere. The improved employee retention translates to better performance and productivity since you do not need to keep employing and training new people now and then.

  1. Better Communication

Meditation enables one to have a clear mind throughout the day. A clear mind means one can express thoughts well and more efficiently without contradictions. Allowing employees to meditate during their free time can help improve your company’s customer service incredibly. You too, as the employee, can take on meditation to be able to offer excellent services to your clients and customers.

  1. Reduced Rate of Absenteeism

Without a good stress management strategy, the fast-paced business world can overwhelm almost anyone leading to workplace stress and depression. Stress and depression are the main culprits to many health issues and concerns today. Clinical depression, stroke, heart diseases and other health conditions have stress as a constant. Such conditions lead to employee absenteeism, not because they want to. Taking on meditation makes it easy to deal and handle stress, meaning you or the employees rarely suffer from these conditions, thus reduced absenteeism.

  1. Improved Productivity

Allowing employees to meditate could help improve your business’ productivity and performance through many ways.  First, the employee’s will be able to manage and cope with stress, meaning their output and productivity won’t be affected at any one time. In addition to this, meditation improves one’s focus, which again leads to improved performance. The customer support staff will also be able to serve both loyal and potential customers well, which could also translate to better returns and profits in the long run.

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